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3 Easy Tips to Follow to Accelerate Your Book Sales Right Now

Have you started your book marketing efforts yet? If not, you should know that time is ticking and sooner than later, people will stop asking about your book.

Being a book promotion guru can be hard work, but it’s rewarding beyond measure. So, instead of waiting around for a miracle, take these 3 proactive steps to ensure your book gets the sales it deserves.

Connect with your audience on social media

Shelby Lorman, author of Awards for Good Boys has mentioned countless times in her posts about how social media has allowed her to accelerate her book sales by helping her connect with those who connected with her book faster.

That said, being on every social media platform can be daunting when you realize how many platforms are available. So, consider partnering with a professional, like Path To Publishing, who knows where your market is, what works, and how to find success.

Talk about the story behind your story

The author of You Are a Badass, Jen Sincero says, “Instead of wasting hours and days and years trying to figure out your next perfect move, just do something already.”

So, the best thing you can do right now to accelerate your book sales is share your journey. Knowing your motivation for writing your book can help you immediately establish a personal connection with your prospective customers.

Collaborate with other authors and artists

The truth is, book sales under-appreciated aspects of successful self-publishing. Too many writers fail to realize how much they can do to generate more leads and book sales on their own.

By simply appearing on live streams of fellow authors or influencers, you can give your book sales a boost. You can also join book clubs and speak at local bookstores to get your book in front of more people.

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Hello, I was interested in your blog because you are using instagram as advertising, specifically colaborating with other people and maybe even companies. I don't sell books, but I do sell computer software. Can you please tell me what format the video should be for uploading to instagram, and can I use this site to convert the video to that format? I look forward to hearing from you.

Justin Robers.

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