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Your Book Is One Strategy Away From Making A Global Impact And A Six- Or Seven-Figure Income

...with National Bestselling author, Joylynn M. ross, using her proven formulas for selling over 1 million copies of her books and helping nearly 2 dozen authors land over $2.7 million in book contracts and royalties.

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In the Library

If You're Ready To Discover How To:

  • Get your book on bookshelves around the globe

  • Put your book in libraries and schools

  • Land a book deal

  • Develop a loyal fan base who will gobble up every story you write and beg for more

  • See your story made into a movie or television show

  • Receive money to write and publish your story before it's done

  • Create a million-dollar business plan around your story that will excite investors

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Who We Work With

If you're a published author who seeks to:

  • Make a positive global impact with your story

  • Invest in your education and personal development

  • Turn past problems, losses, or mistakes into future profits and opportunities for expansion

  • Learn and receive guidance from publishing industry experts

  • Receive feedback about your opportunities for growth and improvement

We're here to support you in your journey. Learn more about our Literary Consulting Packages.​

Our Clients
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If any of this is true for you...

  • Your story is published but is either not selling or not selling enough to pay for itself

  • You've sold enough copies to pay for the costs of publishing but not enough to live your dreams and quit your day job

  • You're making money with your story but you haven't achieved the financial freedom you desire

  • You've acquired the financial freedom you desire...but you want to make a bigger impact

Keep reading. We're going to be dropping some truth bombs that will help you understand what you must do to change your story.


Truth Bomb 1: Your Story Won't Market and Sell Itself

Nobody will know your book exists if you don't do the marketing and promotion to let them know it's out there.

If you do the marketing, but you're putting it in front of the wrong audience or using the wrong language to speak to that audience, they won't buy it.

For readers to find and buy your book, you need to:

1. Identify your target audience and what they need from you to make the buying decision easy for them.

2. Uncover your competition and what makes you stand apart from them.

3. Develop a high-impact visibility strategy that lets the maximum number of your target audience know about your book with the least amount of time and money invested.

4. Put together sales tools and get them in front of libraries, schools, businesses, companies, and other organizations that might be interested in leveraging your book to serve their customers or clients.

Don't Know How To Put That Plan Together?

Let our expert marketing and promotion team help you. Click below to find out more about our services.


Truth Bomb 2: To Sell More Books You Must Reach More Of Your Target Audience

If you've sold copies to people who don't know you, you've figured out who your target audience is. 

That's step one of a solid marketing strategy.

Now you need to partner that information with a high-impact visibility strategy that includes marketing and promotion which will put you - and your book - in the limelight and attract attention from around the globe.

Hiding your book deprives everyone - especially the readers it was written to serve - of its benefits.

It keeps you being one of the best kept secrets on the internet, but that isn't helping anyone.

Let us help you put together your high-impact visibility strategy so you can reach readers around the globe with your message. Click the button below to book your free discovery call now.