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Your Book Is One Strategy Away From Making A Global Impact And A Six- Or Seven-Figure Income

...with National Bestselling author, Joylynn M. Ross, using her proven formulas for selling over 1 million copies of her books and helping nearly 2 dozen authors land over $2.7 million in book contracts and royalties.

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In the Library

If You're Ready To Discover How To:

  • Get your book on bookshelves around the globe

  • Put your book in libraries and schools

  • Land a book deal

  • Develop a loyal fan base who will gobble up every story you write and beg for more

  • See your story made into a movie or television show

  • Receive money to write and publish your story before it's done

  • Create a million-dollar business plan around your story that will excite investors

Path To Publishing is here to help. Purchase our courses to get the information you need.


Turn Your Content Into a Course...or a Business!

The secret to making more money with your book is to create more products and services to go with your book. That allows you to expand your audience, amplify your impact, and increase your income. 


That’s why we are pleased to be able to offer our Content To Course service. This process can work for fiction, nonfiction, or memoir. No matter the content, we can work with it.

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dima-concept to course testimonial (2)

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We outline the content you’ll be using to build your course. If you already have your companion book written, we’ll use your book’s existing table of contents to help guide the outlining session. If you don’t have it written yet, or it doesn’t have a table of contents, we will work together to outline the core content you want covered.


We’ll start by taking your outline and putting it into a slide deck that looks attractive and is branded with your colors, fonts, and logo. If you don’t have those things, we’ll work together to choose colors and fonts that you feel comfortable using. NOTE: This package includes adding text, colors, fonts, and logos only. Ask about upgrading to add/create images, stock photography, etc.


We’ll talk through what you want to say on each slide deck, adding slides where needed, or changing those that exist as we create the script for you to use in recording the course.


Upgrade to Silver and we'll also:


Work with you to record the content and professionally edit it. Then we'll help you identify the right platform to host your course and help you upload it.


We'll work with you to create a workbook and design exercises to make your course more impactful for those who take it.

To request a payment plan, send an email to with a subject line of CONTENT TO COURSE PAYMENT PLAN REQUEST. We will be happy to break your payments into 2, 4, 6, or 12 month payments.

For those who pay in full, work can begin within 1 business day of the receipt of your payment. Expect the process to take 2-3 months from start to finish, depending upon your schedule. The actual course creation can be done in 12 hours, but the rest will take more time.

For those on a payment plan, a timeline for work to be delivered will be provided with the invoice. 

NOTE: PR and Marketing Services to promote your course or new business, along with assistance with Social Media and Paid Media Marketing are also available.  

GOLD PACKAGE - $25,000

Upgrade to Gold and get everything in our basic and silver packages plus the tools you need to turn that content into a full-fledged business.


Upgrade to our Content To Business Package and build your email list with a one-sheet promotional giveaway that we can use to attract people to your site and encourage them to take your course without giving away your most valuable content.


As part of our Content To Business Package, we'll work together to build a one-hour promotional webinar that will help people understand the value of taking your course, attending your workshop, or buying your book.


Included in our Content To Business Package, we'll work together to develop a 2-hour workshop to help course participants go deeper and get more interaction with you through a hands-on workshop. We will take your content and create the itinerary and outline for your two-hour workshop as well as create an upsell offer to a coaching program.


Included in our Content To Business Package, extending the content of your 2-hour workshop to a 6-week coaching program is the goal of this step. We’ll make sure you are equipped with outlines for each week, as well as exercises for the participants, and a way for you to gather feedback about their progress.


Invite your coaching program participants to relax with you and reflect on the amazing progress they’ve made during this 2-day retreat that follows your coaching program. This is a time for you and your coaching program participants to bond while you add extra value to their lives. We’ll also create a journal that you can give your retreat participants as a gift so they can capture the moment.


We’ll help you put together a website to:

– Promote and sell your book, course, workshops, and coaching program

– Book speaking engagements

– Advertise your events

– Host your blogs and other promotional content

– Attract new business

Content To Course

Who We Work With

If you're a published author who seeks to:

  • Make a positive global impact with your story

  • Invest in your education and personal development

  • Turn past problems, losses, or mistakes into future profits and opportunities for expansion

  • Learn and receive guidance from publishing industry experts

  • Receive feedback about your opportunities for growth and improvement

We're here to support you in your journey. Learn more about our Literary Consulting Packages.​

Our Clients
Image of Book Path.png

If any of this is true for you...

  • Your story is published but is either not selling or not selling enough to pay for itself

  • You've sold enough copies to pay for the costs of publishing but not enough to live your dreams and quit your day job

  • You're making money with your story but you haven't achieved the financial freedom you desire

  • You've acquired the financial freedom you desire...but you want to make a bigger impact

Keep reading. We're going to be dropping some truth bombs that will help you understand what you must do to change your story.


Truth Bomb 1: Your Story Won't Market and Sell Itself

Nobody will know your book exists if you don't do the marketing and promotion to let them know it's out there.

If you do the marketing, but you're putting it in front of the wrong audience or using the wrong language to speak to that audience, they won't buy it.

For readers to find and buy your book, you need to:

1. Identify your target audience and what they need from you to make the buying decision easy for them.

2. Uncover your competition and what makes you stand apart from them.

3. Develop a high-impact visibility strategy that lets the maximum number of your target audience know about your book with the least amount of time and money invested.

4. Put together sales tools and get them in front of libraries, schools, businesses, companies, and other organizations that might be interested in leveraging your book to serve their customers or clients.

Don't Know How To Put That Plan Together?

Let our expert marketing and promotion team help you. Click below to find out more about our services.


Truth Bomb 2: To Sell More Books You Must Reach More Of Your Target Audience

If you've sold copies to people who don't know you, you've figured out who your target audience is. 

That's step one of a solid marketing strategy.

Now you need to partner that information with a high-impact visibility strategy that includes marketing and promotion which will put you - and your book - in the limelight and attract attention from around the globe.

Hiding your book deprives everyone - especially the readers it was written to serve - of its benefits.

It keeps you being one of the best kept secrets on the internet, but that isn't helping anyone.

Let us help you put together your high-impact visibility strategy so you can reach readers around the globe with your message. Click the button below to book your free discovery call now.


Truth Bomb 3: A Book By Itself Won't Make You A Billionaire - But What You Do With It Can

Your profits will always be limited to a maximum of about $10 per book sold. To generate enough money to quit your day job requires selling at least 12,500 copies - or just under 35 copies a day! The average book sells just 250 copies in its entire lifetime. 

Even bestselling authors often bring home just $12,000 a year in royalties from a single story's book sales. You'd need to write at least 10 bestselling novels to make enough money to quit your day job and replace your income.

J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, did not make it onto the billionaire's list because of her bestselling novel. She didn't make it onto the billionaire's list because she had seven bestselling novels.


She made it onto the billionaire's list because she partnered those seven bestselling novels with:

  • Merchandise

  • Movies

  • Audio Books

  • Licensing rights

  • Games

  • And more!

All of those things not only expanded her audience but increased her revenue with every purchase. Purchase your ticket to our one-day conference "MAKE A LIVING AS A WRITER" in Columbus, Ohio on October 20th of this year where we'll teach you how.

Can't wait or don't want to travel? Click the link below to purchase the online training material from our store.

Make a Living as a Writer

Truth Bomb 4: You Are A Leader...Whether You Like It Or Not

You may not have realized you were signing up for a leadership role the day you published your book, but you did.

It only takes changing one life to change the entire course of human history. 

The more books you sell, the more lives you change, the more of an impact you're making on the future of humanity. Every generation from this point forward will be influenced by the words you write today and the way you share your story.

You're accountable for where you've led people and the impact you're having on their lives because of it.

You're going to meet opposition, critics, rejection, and haters. The responsibilities and negativity can be crushing if you aren't prepared for it.

That's why we've put together the Literary Magnetic Thought Leadership Training. It will prepare you to handle the spotlight as you work to spread your book's message to more people. Click the button below to learn more.

Leadership Training

Rejections And Critics Are Part Of The Hero's Journey

We wish we could tell you that writing the best story the world's ever seen would make you immune to rejections and critics.

The truth is those things are part and parcel of a hero's journey. Your journey.

Sharing your story means you're stepping into the role of a life-saving, history-shaping, world-changing hero.

Rejection Doesn't Mean Your Story's Bad

It means it either needs work or wasn't the right fit for the people who received it. Let us evaluate your work so we can help you figure out where the problem lies and fix it.  Click the button below to learn more about our professional book critique services.

You're not going to be able to escape the critics, adversaries, and antagonists waiting for you. Rejections will happen for any number of reasons.


Our Literary Leadership Training will help you learn how to turn those critics, adversaries, and antagonists into unwitting allies, advocates, and promoters. That way, they'll work for you instead of against you. 

Explore our Literary Leadership Training Program to find out more about the program and what it can do for you.

Reading a Book
Rejections and Critics

Truth Bomb 5: You Can't Make Your Greatest Impact Playing Solo

There is way too much work involved in sharing your story and message. To make the greatest impact you can make, you'll need help.

Doing it all on your own is a recipe for burnout, even failure. You need a team. But hiring a team can be intimidating.

Take the pressure off. Let us be your team. Get help with implementing your plans and book a free discovery call now. 

Don't Let Money Hold Your Dreams Hostage

If you're holding back your book because you're afraid you can't afford to work with us... aren't just letting money hold your dreams hostage...'re allowing it to rob the people who need your book from receiving the benefits it was written to provide them.

Don't let money stop you and your book from making the life-saving, history-shaping, world-changing difference you were meant to make!

Our Breaking Open Abundance program was designed to help you break free of your bondage to money limitations.

Book a free Breaking Open Abundance call and let us work together to create a strategy that makes working with us a financial possibility for you.


If Time Is A Problem, LEAP Into The Solution

"All leaders are readers." - Harry S. Truman, 33rd President of the United States

That means you, as a writer, are leading the leaders...

...and Path To Publishing is here to support you in your leadership role. 

We designed our LEAP (Leaders & Executives Accountability Program) to help people just like you make time for the things that truly matter in their life.

During this year-long program, we'll start by creating a plan to achieve your goals that is in alignment with your priorities. Then, we'll break that big goal into smaller chunks: bi-annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily.

After that, we'll check in each week to hold you accountable for taking concrete action to achieve those goals. We'll evaluate where your time is going and help you re-adjust when you're getting off track.

Can't Afford To Quit Your Day Job...But You Want To?

We have programs that will help you say "Goodbye" to your day job.

Our Verified Literary Consultant and Certified Literary Instructor programs might be a perfect fit for you.

We'll show you how to start your own literary business using all the skills, training, and knowledge you've gained from your writing and publishing journey.

You can help others succeed in publishing...and when you've successfully completed the program, we'll even send clients your way.

You heard us right! Work through our program and then work with us...or run your own literary consulting and coaching business.  It's a great way to build a bridge that leads from the safety and security of your job to the freedom and prosperity found in owning a business of your own.

Best of all, you won't have to reinvent the wheel. We've done the hard part of figuring out the systems that work so you don't have to. By going through our certification and verification programs, you'll be licensed to use our curriculum in your business. Click the button below to learn more.

Start a Consulting Buiness

Start Your Own Publishing Company

You don't have to give up your rights and royalties to publishers and agents. Keep control over the publishing process. Turn your love of writing, reading, or books into a six- or even seven-figure business.


Learn beyond the basics with our Publishing Undergrad Program:

  • Beyond the Basics of Publishing

  • Build Your Book Business

  • Make a Living as a Writer 


Then finish it up with our MBA in Publishing Program, which is an advanced version where you will complete graded assignments that put into practice everything you learned during the Publishing Undergrad and help you take that to the next level. ​

Beyond the Basics of Publishing will teach you the ins and outs of the publishing process and what to expect along each step of the journey.

Build Your Book Business will teach how to take writing and publishing from a hobby or side-gig to a thriving business, covering everything from incorporating, taxes, contracts, and agreements.

Make a Living as a Writer will teach you how to leverage your writing to make even more money as well as how to get access to grants and fellowships that will pay you to write and publish the book before it's even done.

Start a Publishing Business

Buy Your Copy of Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business: A Guide To Turning  Your Book Into a Successful Business 

National bestselling author Joylynn M. Ross didn't just build a successful business helping authors build successful businesses, she wrote the book on it.


Grab your copy of this insightful guide and get access to actionable tips you can use starting today to turn your book into a six-, seven-, or even eight-figure business!

The cost is just $19.95, but the value is priceless.

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Buy the Book

Pathfinder Literary Academy(TM) 
Private Membership Area

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Sign-up for the Pathfinder Literary Academy(TM) members only area, where you will find interactive and fun insights along with a welcoming and supportive community designed to help guide you down the road toward literary success. Join now for only $347 annually or 12 monthly payments of $39.

Once your payment is processed, you will receive a notification email instructing you to  create a user name and password of your choosing for access  to our


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