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A division of Path To Publishing Serving Corporations, Educational Institutions, Government Agencies, Banks & Non-Profits

Path To Publishing Is Your Path To CONNECTIONS

When it comes to creating content with clear messaging or developing and implementing creative strategies that form lifetime connections between you and your clients, all roads lead to Path To Publishing.

Book a free discovery call to find out more about what Path To Connections can do to help connect your story to your success.


Your Brand Story Is The Key To Connecting Customers To Your Brand

Let Path To Publishing’s Content Creators and Creative Strategy Consulting experts help you bring awareness to your brand and customers to your business.

Learn how we can help you tell your compelling brand story with clarity.


Our Service Begins with a Brand Critique

If profits are shrinking or stagnating rather than growing, or the growth is sluggish and your current marketing efforts aren’t producing the results you’d hoped, or your paid advertising seems to be throwing money down the drain, it’s time for a Path To Publishing Brand Critique.

No Facet of Your Brand Will Be Left Unexamined


Our Brand Critique service is comprehensive. Our expert team of marketers, promoters, social media, and branding experts will evaluate every aspect of what you’re doing now to find what’s working and is ready to scale along with what needs to change in order for things to work. 


We examine each aspect of your brand’s representation and presentation:

  • Product or Service Quality

  • Delivery Process

  • Complaint Resolution Process

  • Audience targeting

  • Reviews

  • Testimonials

  • Competition Evaluation

  • Packaging

  • Logos

  • Coloring

  • Font Legibility

  • Domain Name

  • Organic and paid search results

  • Website Front End – Pages and Copy

  • Website Back End – Bounce rates, conversion rates, time on site

  • Current Marketing Materials

  • Current Marketing Strategies

  • Performance Metrics

  • Email List

  • Email Campaigns

  • Campaign Performance

  • Social Media Presence

  • Social Media Performance

  • PR Readiness

  • PR Performance

Our Comprehensive Report Comes with a Customized Action Planur

We aren’t just going to tell you where things are broken and leave you to guess what needs to be done to fix those things. We’re going to help you understand why it’s not working and create a customized action plan for how to get started fixing it.

That Customized Action Plan will include:

  1. A list of the problems and the priority for fixing them;

  2. The impact those problems are having on your brand and why we assigned them the priorities we did;

  3. Steps to take for fixing the problems we identified along with industry averages for the expected costs of fixing them, timelines for the delivery, and the expected outcome for the fix.

Your Cost: $6,000.

A Brand Critique is priceless and can save you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and wasted money in:

  • Failed paid advertising campaigns

  • Lackluster PR campaign results

  • Websites that result in lost business

  • Brochures and other promotional materials that fail to attract attention or get results

  • Social media campaigns that get crickets instead of clicks

Our timeframe for delivery from the point you get started is 3 months. You can make payments of $2,000 per month or pay up front and save $1,000, getting the entire package for just $5,000.

Marketing Conference

The Bigger You Grow, The Harder It Is To Connect

And that means the harder it is for consumers and donors to trust you.

You become another faceless, nameless corporation or organization in a sea of options.

Today's consumers and donors are cynical.

Creating a mascot to give a face to the brand doesn't do it anymore.

They want to know what a brand stands for and what it represents.

They want to meet the real you.

We can help.

Our Branding & Messaging Clarity Sessions will help you get to the heart of what makes your company or organization unique so you can connect to the heart of the audience that needs you most.

You Can't Be a Market Leader By Following What Other Brands Do

Dominating the marketplace takes bold risks, innovative strategies, and offering what no one else can.

Your brand must stand out so that those who need what you do can easily find you.

Our Branding & Messaging Clarity Sessions will help you:

  • Gain clarity about why your brand exists and what makes it truly unique

  • Uncover the impact you want it to have on the market you serve and the world

  • Communicate why it matters to you that your clients receive the results your brand alone can deliver

  • Create and deliver the life-saving, history-shaping, world-changing story your brand was built to make

More Work Than Your Team Can Handle? Let Us Help. 

Let our team provide the support you need to achieve your goals, dreams, and visions.

Our graphic design and copywriting retainers will free up your time and energy to focus on making money for your company.

Whether it's writing blogs, social media posts, email sequences, newsletters, landing pages, websites, Google ads, press releases, and articles or designing branded graphics for flyers, business cards, brochures, mailers, billboards, and more, we can meet your needs.


Schedule a free consultation to determine which Copywriting and Design Package will work best for your brand.

Students wrote Gloria's business plan.jpg

Your Corporation May Operate On Logic and Reason...But Customers and Donors Don't.

Regardless of what they say, at the end of the day, decisions are made based on how people feel.

A brand that is out-of-touch feels cold, impersonal, and inhuman.

People gravitate toward brands that feel warm, caring, and appreciative of their business.

During our "Business of Storytelling" Workshops, we'll help you create a warm and caring narrative for your brand that helps customers and donors feel seen, valued, and appreciated.

If you already know you are interested in booking this workshop, complete our “Workshop/Speaking Engagement Request” form with as much information about your needs as possible, and one of Path To Publishing's team members will give you a call to discuss and finalize the details.


DEI Isn't Always As Black and White As It Would Seem...That's Why We Take a Novel Approach


Creating a diverse workforce where all are included and equity is available for all isn't as simple as hiring a few extra people of color and calling it done for the day. It's about creating the kind of environment where diverse viewpoints are as welcome as diverse skin colors.

Discussions around race relations are a necessary part of creating space for DEI. However, these can quickly become heated and turn ugly. Using Nikki T. Anthony's novel, The Price We Pay, as a starting point for these difficult conversations gives participants common ground and a shared experience to use as the focal point. 

It's our goal to meet you where you are and grow together. Our approach is not to dismantle what you've been doing but to seamlessly and  organically weave our story-based approach into a package that helps cultivate an environment of inclusivity, belonging, and access from the first

page to the last line. Whether it's through our workshops, lectures, and small group discussion guides or by helping you build HR guidelines and online onboarding quizzes that create a truly DEIA/B Culture, we are ready to support you. 

To learn more about our novel approach to DEI Training, click the button below to download our proposal.

If you already know you are interested in booking this workshop, complete our “Workshop/Speaking Engagement Request” form with as much information about your needs as possible, and one of Path To Publishing's team members will give you a call to discuss and finalize the details.


Your Company or Organization Has Grown...But Your Story Hasn't Grown With You

A lot has changed since your brand story was first written.

It's time for an update and a refresh.

Our "Getting to the Heart of Your Business" Workshop will help you craft a story that will speak to your target market and address the concerns of today's consumers and donors.

Together we'll:

  • Re-examine your USP and the value you bring to consumers and communities

  • Include your latest accomplishments and growth experiences

  • Re-evaluate your target audience and whether they are still your ideal client

  • Help you reclaim market share lost to newer competitors by repositioning your brand in the marketplace

If you already know you are interested in booking this workshop, complete our “Workshop/Speaking Engagement Request” form with as much information about your needs as possible, and one of Path To Publishing's team members will give you a call to discuss and finalize the details.

Branding Updates
Press Coverage


People gravitate toward authenticity and vulnerability. They know when someone's being real and when they're being fake.

They don't trust fake...especially in this modern era.

Our BE (ready for) the MEdia workshops will teach your brand's representatives how to show up ready to share your brand's message with authenticity and vulnerability while being fully themselves. These workshops will:

  • Increase their confidence in front of the camera or an audience

  • Help them exude their natural, genuine personality

  • Connect with viewers and the media

  • Train them in how to weave your brand's story seamlessly into their own  

If you already know you are interested in booking this workshop, complete our “Workshop/Speaking Engagement Request” form with as much information about your needs as possible, and one of Path To Publishing's team members will give you a call to discuss and finalize the details.

Media Training

If Your In-House People Could Do It, 
Wouldn't They Have Already Done It?

Your in-house team is an incredibly gifted group or you wouldn't have hired them. However, they don't have the decades of experience as business owners, marketers, salespeople, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers we do.

We've worn all the hats. We bring an unparalleled understanding of the big picture they can't offer.

Our goal isn't to replace your in-house team, but to partner with them in helping you achieve the dreams, goals, and ambitions of your company or organization.

We want to combine our unique perspective with their in-house experience to create a synergy that will give your brand an unbeatable, unrepeatable advantage over your competition.

To discuss how Path To Publishing's Corporate Services can work for your team, schedule your free consultation.

Corporate Services

LEAP To The Next Level

Accountability is the key to achieving big goals & dreams. Our LEAP (Leaders & Executives Accountability Program) supports leaders & executives in developing strategies and then holds them accountable for taking action. 

We will work with you to uncover your vision, create a strategy that will help you get there, and then break that strategy down into yearly, bi-annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals that will help you make steady progress. You'll be given up to five hours a week of support in helping you achieve those goals along with instruction in how to more effectively budget your time and the tools needed to make the most of it.

LEAP image for website.jpg

Schedule a free consultation to see which of our LEAP programs is right for you.


A Clear Mission, Vision, And Values Statement Means Nothing If Your Employees Don't Buy Into It

Employees can be trained to say what you want them to say, but if they don't align with those beliefs, their words won't matter.

It will lack sincerity. Customers and Donors can tell the difference.

Get your team on board with your vision, mission, and values as you prepare to take LEAPS forward with our LEAPS (Leadership, Execution, Accountability, Progress, and Strategy) Corporate Connection Retreats.

Book a free consultation to find out if LEAPS Retreats are right for your brand.


LEAP Together With Other Brand Leaders In Our LEAP Mastermind

Our mastermind program offers the ability for Leaders & Executives to work together as a community to achieve bigger goals and dreams than they could possibly achieve on their own in a supportive environment. 

We'll meet weekly to set goals, evaluate progress, brainstorm solutions as problems arise, and hold one another accountable for making progress.

Schedule a free consultation to see if the LEAP Mastermind is a good fit for your brand.


It's Not The Economy That's Killing Your Bottom Line...

It's how you're handling it.

Strategic pivots are key to a company's long-term growth and survival in uncertain times. 

However, the things you're doing to try and save it...

...are destroying the trust and confidence of your biggest fans.

Restore their trust with authenticity and vulnerability.

Our Repositioning/Rebranding Campaign Package includes a market research-backed PR Campaign to help you rebuild a story that will breathe new life into your brand.


If Reductions in Product Quality and Service Levels Hurt Your Brand...That Doesn't Have to Be the End of Your Story

Winning back consumer or donor trust won't be easy...but it can be done.

Our Repositioning/Rebranding PR Campaign Package offers a simple 4 Step Process:

1. Find the failure points that caused the problem.

2. Create innovative solutions to overcome those and win back customer trust.

Let our experienced business consulting team assist you with the process.

3. Communicate with honesty and transparency about the problem's cause, what you're doing to solve it, and how you plan to prevent it from happening in the future.

4. Implement the solutions and plans  you created and an accountability system to be sure you're staying on track.


Winning The Battle For Brand Recognition Begins With Magnetic Thought Leadership  

Put an end to departmental infighting, low morale, high turnover, & poor productivity

Cultivate prospects into buyers, buyers into fans, and fans into raving fanatics with unshakable brand loyalty

Turn adversaries, critics, and antagonists into allies, advocates, and supporters

Stress less while getting more done with less effort, less cost, and greater efficiency

Great Leaders Aren't Born. They're TRAINED!

Available as workshops, seminars, and 3-, 6-, or 12-month training programs.

Board Room Image.jpg

Magnetic Thought Leadership:

Leadership Training for Businesses & Corporations

End the Infighting and Increase Productivity

If you’re struggling to get your team, employees, or members to stop the infighting and start working together so you can get stuff done, you’ve come to the right place.


Magnetic Thought Leadership Training will teach you how to:

  • Leverage common problems as opportunities for unity

  • Turn differences into assets rather than liabilities

  • Focus on the objective so you can accelerate your progress

  • Build bridges by working toward a common understanding that creates consensus among all parties

Turn Differences Into Assets


Every person sees things differently, but that’s an asset when it comes to problem-solving. Each perspective offered brings a new piece of the puzzle to the table. With enough perspectives, you get the whole puzzle solved in virtually no time at all.

But that doesn’t happen unless people feel free to share their unique perspective openly and honestly. Magnetic Thought Leadership Training removes the barriers that keep people from opening up and sharing ideas so solutions come with less stress in less time and with less effort.

Turn Adversaries, Critics, and Antagonists into Allies, Advocates, and Supporters


It isn't what people say about your brand, your department, or your personal leadership that makes the biggest difference. It comes down to how you handle it.

The people who may be your loudest critics offer the most powerful insights into what you can improve. Your greatest adversaries provide the greatest lessons about where your breakdowns in communication are happening. Those who actively antagonize you are showing you where gaps in your leadership lie. Leverage these three wisely and you can build unstoppable an unstoppable brand, an unbeatable department, and a loyal team.

Click "Apply Now" to request more detailed information, including pricing, for our Magnetic Thought Leadership Training & 12-Month Mastermind Programs. We’ll also schedule a call with you to speak to our program coordinator to make sure this program is a good fit for your brand or business.

Leadership Training
Team Building

Unite Key Decision Makers In A Private, Corporate Retreat

Your department heads are a diverse group of individuals with unique experiences, styles, cultures, and methods of operating. They each bring their own perspective to the table. 

Getting them to work together as a team requires helping them to understand each other's needs and the value each department brings to the overall picture. They also need to learn how to create a shared vision and the language to discuss it so they can communicate more effectively and efficiently.

Our corporate retreats are designed to overcome the communication barriers preventing them from working together and building a shared vision that they can unite behind to achieve each of their individual goals.

Whether they are learning to be true team leaders with our Magnetic Thought Leadership Training Retreats, getting to the heart of what sets your brand apart with our Branding & Messaging Clarity Retreats,  or preparing to take LEAPS forward with our LEAPS Corporate Connection Retreats, the experience will provide long-lasting benefits and actionable strategies that can be implemented long after the retreats are over.

Book a free call to find out which corporate retreat style is the best fit for your brand's needs. 


Surveys Don't Always Give An Accurate Picture...
That's Why Our Market Research Doesn't End There

Surveys are great tools for getting feedback, but customers don't always know why they do what they do or like what they like.

They aren't always honest with themselves - or you - about the motivations behind their behaviors.

We use a variety of tools to get to the heart of what your customers and donors are really thinking and why they are doing the things they do. That way, we can put that information to work for you.


Book a free consultation to see what a VIP Launch Market Research package can do for your brand.

Market Research

Your Success Depends on Service

The people you serve are the heart of your business.

The moment you stop listening is the moment your corporation or organization starts dying.

Our VIP Launch Market Research will help you get back in touch with the heart of your business and the reason why it matters.


Then, our experienced team of marketing experts will put in the work to tap into what your people truly need, helping position you to deliver in a way that allows your brand to stand out from the rest.

VIP Launches

Don't Let the Economy Steal Your Dreams

No matter what the economy looks like, there are infinite possibilities for you to prosper and thrive all around you.

All it takes is a shift in perspective for you to see - and seize - them.

Path To Publishing's Breaking Open Abundance program is designed to help create the mindset shifts necessary to change your perspective. That will allow you to see - and seize - the infinite possibilities to achieve your dreams regardless of what is in your bank account today.

Book a free consultation with our Abundance Conductor, Brandy M. Miller, and get on your way starting today.

Beach Town

Let Us Bring Our Spring Forward Into AbundanceTM Retreat To Your Company!

To be held at the time and location of your choosing

Luxury retreats for those who aspire to live a life where abundance isn't just a dream. It's a reality.

You can't enter into a life of abundance the same person you were. This retreat prepares the participants to become the person they must be  for abundance to flow freely to them, including a million-dollar business strategy and the roadmap to get from where they are to where they want to be.

Become the person you must be in order to achieve and fulfill your dreams as we work together to evaluate and address every area of your life. Learn to create a space that invites love and the abundance it brings. Examine the way you think, dress, act, and speak about yourself and how that impacts those around you.

Retreat includes: 

  • Professional style consultation and wardrobe capsule with a custom look

  • On-site hair and makeup stylist

  • Professional headshots featuring the new you wearing your new look

  • Delicious meals

  • Luxury accommodations

  • Creation of a million-dollar strategy and a roadmap for executing it

  • A chance to network and bond with others on the same journey

It's time to Spring Forward Into AbundanceTM. Click the button below to speak to someone about booking a private abundance retreat.

*** Visit to learn about the full abundance journey***


Your Intellectual Property Is Safe With Us

As authors and publishers, we understand the value of intellectual property. What you share with us will not be shared outside of those who need to work on your projects.

If you need an NDA signed to move forward, we are happy to sign it. Simply let us know your preference when booking your free consultation.


VIP Boost Strategy Sessions: When You Need Help Now

We offer one-on-one sessions to help our VIP clients develop a winning strategy that will take their business to the next level.  These begin with an hour-long intake call, a 4-hour virtual or in-person workshop, and 30 days of follow-up support to be sure your issue is resolved.

Get a boost for your brand. Click the button below to book your free consultation now.


VIP Boost Camps: Bringing Together Brand Leaders To Create Innovative Solutions To Today's Big Problems

Online Workshop

These intense group strategy-building sessions are designed to help participants discover what's standing between them and their goals, work together to develop a strategy, and accelerate through strategic partnerships as they take concrete action toward implementation.

Brands will be matched together across a variety of industries facing similar challenges to create win-win solutions for everyone. Get a boost for your brand and book your free consultation today.

Boost Camps

Get Our Services As a Bundle and Save!

  • Gold VIP Launch Plan

    Every month
    Launch your brand to the next level with our basic package
    Valid for 12 months
    • Branding & Messaging Clarity Session
    • 12-Month Group LEAP for up to 10
    • Magnetic Thought Leadership Group Training (up to 10)
    • (1) Magnetic Thought Leadership Mastermind Membership
    • (1) LEAPS Corporate Retreat for up to 24
    • VIP Launch Market Research for (1) Product/Service/Brand
    • VIP Launch PR Package for (1) Product/Service/Brand
    • (2) Social Media Calendar Planning Sessions
    • (2) Promotional Evergreen Webinars
    • (10) Graphic Design Pieces Per Month
    • (10) Social Media Posts Per Month
    • (2) Articles or Blog Posts Per Month
    • (2) Press Releases Per Year
  • Titanium VIP Launch

    Every month
    A more robust offer for our corporate partners
    Valid for 12 months
    • Branding & Messaging Clarity Session
    • 12-Month Group LEAP for up to 25
    • One-on-One LEAP Coaching for up to 2
    • (2) One-On-One Magnetic Thought Leadership Training Sessions
    • Magnetic Thought Leadership Group Training for up to 25
    • Magnetic Thought Leadership Mastermind Memberships (5)
    • (2) LEAPS Corporate Retreats for up to 24 each
    • VIP Launch Market Research for (2) Products/Services/Brands
    • VIP Launch PR Packages for (2) Products/Services/Brands
    • (4) Social Media Calendar Planning Sessions
    • (4) Promotional Evergreen Webinars
    • (25) Graphic Design Pieces Per Month
    • (25) Social Media Posts Per Month
    • (4) Articles or Blog Posts Per Month
    • (4) Press Releases Per Year
  • Platinum VIP Launch

    Every month
    Accelerate your brand's launch with the Platinum VIP Launch
    Valid for 12 months
    • Branding & Messaging Clarity Session
    • One-on-One LEAP Coaching for up to 4
    • 12-Month Group LEAP for up to 60
    • Magnetic Thought Leadership Group Training for up to 60
    • (10) Magnetic Thought Leadership Mastermind Memberships
    • (5) Magnetic Thought Leadership One-on-One Coachings
    • (4) LEAPS Corporate Retreats for up to 24
    • (4) VIP Launch Market Research Packages
    • (4) VIP Launch PR Packages
    • (4) Social Media Content Calendar Planning Sessions
    • (4) Promotional Evergreen Webinars
    • (40) Graphic Design Pieces Per Month
    • (8) Articles or Blog Posts Per Month
    • (40) Social Media Posts Per Month
    • (8) Press Releases Per Year
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