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Clapping Audience

Motivate the Masses To Share Your Brand Story

Let Path To Publishing's expert content creators and consultants help you partner the right brand story with the perfect marketing and promotion strategies to set your audience on fire and get them eager to share your brand so you can make the life-saving, history-shaping, world-changing impact you started your business to make.

Book a free discovery call with one of our brand story experts to get started.



Our Service Begins with a Brand Critique

If profits are shrinking or stagnating rather than growing, or the growth is sluggish and your current marketing efforts aren’t producing the results you’d hoped, or your paid advertising seems to be throwing money down the drain, it’s time for a Path To Publishing Brand Critique.

No Facet of Your Brand Will Be Left Unexamined


Our Brand Critique service is comprehensive. Our expert team of marketers, promoters, social media, and branding experts will evaluate every aspect of what you’re doing now to find what’s working and is ready to scale along with what needs to change in order for things to work. 


We examine each aspect of your brand’s representation and presentation:

  • Product or Service Quality

  • Delivery Process

  • Complaint Resolution Process

  • Audience targeting

  • Reviews

  • Testimonials

  • Competition Evaluation

  • Packaging

  • Logos

  • Coloring

  • Font Legibility

  • Domain Name

  • Organic and paid search results

  • Website Front End – Pages and Copy

  • Website Back End – Bounce rates, conversion rates, time on site

  • Current Marketing Materials

  • Current Marketing Strategies

  • Performance Metrics

  • Email List

  • Email Campaigns

  • Campaign Performance

  • Social Media Presence

  • Social Media Performance

  • PR Readiness

  • PR Performance

Our Comprehensive Report Comes with a Customized Action Planur

We aren’t just going to tell you where things are broken and leave you to guess what needs to be done to fix those things. We’re going to help you understand why it’s not working and create a customized action plan for how to get started fixing it.

That Customized Action Plan will include:

  1. A list of the problems and the priority for fixing them;

  2. The impact those problems are having on your brand and why we assigned them the priorities we did;

  3. Steps to take for fixing the problems we identified along with industry averages for the expected costs of fixing them, timelines for the delivery, and the expected outcome for the fix.

Your Cost: $6,000.

A Brand Critique is priceless and can save you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and wasted money in:

  • Failed paid advertising campaigns

  • Lackluster PR campaign results

  • Websites that result in lost business

  • Brochures and other promotional materials that fail to attract attention or get results

  • Social media campaigns that get crickets instead of clicks

Our timeframe for delivery from the point you get started is 3 months. You can make payments of $2,000 per month or pay up front and save $1,000, getting the entire package for just $5,000.

If any of this is true for your business or brand...

You Don't Have Enough Business

Either there's none of it or it's not enough to keep you profitable.

Your Website Is an Embarrassment

You know it needs to change but you don't have time to fix it.

Your Clients Aren't A Good Fit For You

You're attracting plenty of clients, but not the clients you want.

You Want To Make More But You're At Maximum Capacity

You're too busy serving your current clientele to be able to expand and take care of more people.

You Are Having To Justify Your Pricing

People are always comparing your prices to your competition's.

Sound Familiar? Keep Reading.

We've got some truth bombs coming your way.


Truth Bomb 1: Being The Best-Kept Secret On The Internet Isn't a Compliment

For your business or brand to make the life-saving, history-shaping, world-changing impact you started it to make, people have to know you're out there.

They have to be able to find you. Right now, they can't do that. Why?


You're Not Doing Enough To Get Yourself Out There

Word-of-mouth referrals are great. But you can't count on them. Relying on them keeps you bouncing from income crisis to income crisis with no stability.

Steady, reliable income requires a steady, reliable stream of people coming to you who know who you are and what you do and are prepared to pay for it.

Let Path To Publishing Help

We'll work with you to create and implement a high-visibility strategy that will bring a steady, reliable stream of the right customers to your door. We'll start by creating a compelling brand story that will speak to your target audience. Then, we'll partner that story with the right marketing and PR strategies to spread the word as fast and as far as possible.

Click the button below to learn more about our high-impact visibility strategy packages.

Truth Bomb 2: Nobody Values What Everyone Can Get

You may think you want everyone to buy what you offer, but let's be honest...

You didn't start your business so you could spend the rest of your life slaving away for people who don't value you or the work you do.

Serving clients and customers who are a poor fit for your business is like wearing poorly fitting shoes...

...they offer some immediate protection from the worst dangers to your feet, but at the cost of rubbing you raw. Over time, they can even cause long-term damage to your health...

...just as the stress from serving those poor fitting clients or customers will.

Narrowing your focus to serving only those clients that will be the best fit for you will not only increase the value of your brand, it will improve the quality of service you can provide those you do attract.

Our Branding & Messaging Clarity Sessions will help you identify your ideal target audience and build a strategy that will bring them to your door.


Book your free discovery call now to explore whether Path To Publishing is the right fit for your needs.

Truth Bomb 3: Exclusivity Improves Your Value AND Your Visibility

Losing the revenue those poor-fitting clients or customers are providing can be scary.

But serving them is not only draining your energy and preventing you from delivering your best work...'s stopping you from finding those you are better suited to serve.

Letting go of them will help you do better work by giving you more time and energy to devote to the work you do. Higher quality work commands higher prices. You'll stand out from your competition as it becomes clear what you offer that they don't. Those who work with you will be eager to spread the word, resulting in more clients of a better quality with less effort.

Customers and clients who will:

  • Be eager to work with you because they see the value you offer that no one else can

  • Not hesitate to pay the prices you want to charge because they know it's worth it to get the results you can deliver

  • Fill you with confidence every time you serve them

  • Be a joy to serve and a pleasure to work with

  • Free up your time and energy to do your best work and enjoy the work you do

Partnering our Branding & Messaging Clarity Sessions with our High-Impact Visibility Marketing and Promotion Strategies is the best way to ensure that you attract the right clients to replace your current income.

Book your free discovery call now to explore what Path To Publishing can do for your business.

Truth Bomb 4: You Won't Have To Fight Competition if There Isn't Any

Every industry has its competitors. That's true.

However, if what you offer within your industry is something no one else can match, you won't have to fight for business.

You'll be able to set your prices where you want them and won't have to justify your pricing - just the benefits and the value.

Consider the Lamborghini.

Nobody contends the Lamborghini isn't worth the price tag. It's just a matter of whether you can afford one or not.

There are thousands of car brands out there, but Lamborghini stands in a class all its own.

Our Branding & Messaging Clarity Sessions combined with our High-Impact Visibility Marketing and PR Strategies will allow you to stand in a class all your own no matter how many other companies there are in your industry. Book your free discovery session to get started now.

Truth Bomb 5: Money's a Terrific Servant But a Terrible Master.

If you already know marketing and promotion are the keys to attracting the kind of clients and customers you want to serve...

...but you're too busy to stop and work on that.

You're not spending the money you know it's going to take to outsource and automate as much of what you're doing as possible to get out there .


You're working for your money rather than making your money work for you.

Money is just a tool. It's best use is to free up time and energy so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Holding onto it because you're afraid it won't come back to you is keeping you stuck in limitation and making you a slave to your money.

Investing in getting the help you need will free you up to get out there. You'll soon be able to make more than enough to replace what you spent.

Our Breaking Open Abundance program will help you put money in its proper place so you can create the life of your dreams.

Click the button below to book your free Breaking Open Abundance discovery session.


Truth Bomb 6: You Only Have 24 Hours In Your Day

There are several ways to make money:

Option 1

Work one hour. Get paid for that hour.

You're trading time for money.

Option 3

Leverage an existing product or service to create additional related content to sell to those who bought the first product and to new customers that can be sold every minute of the day without a lot of additional work.

Option 2

Work one hour to develop a product or service that can be sold every hour of the day without more time invested.

Option 4

Invest in helping other people do step 2 and 3 for a percentage of the profits so you're putting your money to work for you instead of working for your money.

The smart money is to let Path To Publishing help you with step 2 and create a book as your first passive income producer. Then, you can work with our Creative Strategy Team to leverage option 3 and create a variety of products and services to add to your business offerings. Once you've done that and the money's coming, it's time to invest in helping others so you can grow your money.

That increases your revenue without increasing the time you're investing to get there. Allowing you to spend the rest of your day enjoying all the money you're making.

Click the button below to book a free discovery call with one of our Creative Strategists.


If Time Is The Problem, LEAP™ Is The Solution

Business Ownership is a leadership position. From clients and customers to employees, contractors and suppliers, as well as your family, everyone is depending on  you.

We're here to support you in your leadership role.

It's a year-long program where we'll:

  • Work together to create a plan to achieve your goals

  • Break that big goal down into smaller chunks

  • Create daily and weekly plans that keep you moving forward

  • Hold weekly accountability sessions to ensure you're making progress

  • Provide hands-on help with prioritizing and organizing the workload

Book a free discovery call to see if LEAP™ is a good fit for your business.


Visibility and the Vulnerability That Come With It Can Be Tough...Our Breaking Open Abundance Mastermind Can Help 

Sharing the real story behind your business and your brand...

...the kind of story where you were ugly crying and thinking of ending your life because of how dark things seemed at the time...

...or where your life was a tangled mess that seemed hopeless to solve...

...Can be tough to acknowledge and talk about in private, let alone put on public display.

But that's unavoidable if you're going to achieve the kind of high-impact visibility you need to have the life-saving, history-shaping, world-changing impact you want to make.

Your critics, adversaries, and rivals are going to hunt for hidden dirt they can leverage against you and your brand. 

Try to hide these things, and it will destroy your brand when they come to light. Not because your past is a mess...but because you deceived people by hiding it.  

Getting out in front of it with vulnerability and honesty about why you were where you were and how that led you down the path to the better life you're walking now will allow you to become someone else's hero and inspiration.

The critics, adversaries, and rivals will still be there...but you'll gain a thousand supporters for every person who stands against you.

Sharing it will show your target audience why you care and what it is that you...and you alone...have to offer them.

Click the button to learn more about our Breaking Open Abundance Mastermind Program.

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Leverage Your critics, Adversaries, and Rivals In Your Favor

Every critic, adversary, or rival you face can be leveraged to improve your brand and help you gain a strategic advantage in the marketplace.

You simply have to know how to turn their negatives into your positives.


That's what we designed our Magnetic Thought Leadership Program to do. 

Click the button below to learn more about what Magnetic Thought Leadership Training can do for you.

It will not only help you handle those without letting them crush you or your business, it will help you:

  • Get clear about your vision and the impact you want it to have on your target audience and all those connected to them

  • Create a plan for consistent progress toward your goals and visions

  • Connect to your target audience

  • Clearly communicate your value to them

  • Create a community around your brand's vision for the future

  • Gain the cooperation of other businesses and organizations that will help you expand your reach and amplify your impact

  • Convert critics, adversaries, and rivals into allies, advocates, and accomplices

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