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Work with a Path To Publishing Literary Consultant to chauffeur you along your literary journey

One month - $1500

Three-month - $4000


Whether you are traditionally published, self-published, a POD author, published with a self-publishing assistance company, vanity press, hybrid author, new author, vet author, or aspiring author, your book is YOUR business.


Path To Publishing is not just about working with self-published authors and teaching them how to self-publish, but we teach ALL authors of every genre--no matter which path to publishing they choose--about the publishing process and business, as well as the industry itself.


There are thousands of self-publishing books, free webinars, and free PDFs that can teach individuals how to "get their book out there," but here at Path To Publishing, we don't just want you to know how to get your book out there, but we want you to know how to be an author; how to move like an author but operate like a business. We want you to know how to turn your book into a business. We want you to know how to sustain your literary business by creating multiple streams of cohesive literary income.


There are far more pieces to the puzzle other than just "getting a book out there" that needs to be in place in order to form the big, pretty picture called literary success.


With our Publishing Consulting & Coaching Services, we customize the information and resources we provide you based on your needs, literary goals, and where you are on your literary journey. We will assist with everything from the steps and process of self-publishing, your social media presence as an author, author branding, author platform, querying agents, manuscript submission to publishing houses, author bios, tweaking your book synopsis, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, time management, book metadata, media preparation, keywords, BISAC codes, library placement, blog tours, virtual parties, book cover reveal, book release parties, book signings, naming your publishing company, incorporating, and more.


How much information an author receives with the Literary Consulting & Publishing Coaching  Services is based upon how many months of service they invest in.


For a monthly fee, not only do we take the initiative to provide the information clients request and will need, but we will also be available to clients via email, text, live video chats, and phone with any questions they might have throughout the process. There are no minimum or maximum months of service. If after one month you as the client have everything you need to know and can take it from there, the contract can be terminated. If after a couple months of terminating the contract you realize you didn’t know everything, you can reinstate the contract for no additional reinstatement fee.


For an additional fee, we have services that do some of the work for you, such as setting up social media and eBook distribution accounts.


If you are ready to be chauffeured down the path toward literary success, then purchase the Literary Consulting & Publishing Coaching Services now.


You don't know what you don't know. But Path To Publishing knows exactly what you need!

The individual who will be chauffeuring you along your journey toward literary success is someone who is actively doing what they are teaching Path To Publishing clients to do. Sure, we follow a certain curriculum, but it isn’t some old outdated text book, and it certainly isn’t a cookie cutter, one-size fits all service. Our strategies, resources, and curriculum are constantly updated, bringing in what’s fresh and relevant, getting rid of anything that hasn’t been beneficial to past clients, and may not fit the goals and visions of current clients.

Choose your consulting package and be on the road to meeting your writing and publishing goals today!

***Do you need a Path To Publishing Certified Course Instructor to teach/present at your conference, workshop, summit or event? Email to receive a quote.*** 

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