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Path To Publishing MBA in Publishing Program

Don't just learn how to write, publish, distribute, and sell books . . . MASTER IT!

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"Taking care of business is a never-ending process. Completing the Path To Publishing MBA in Publishing assignments has been a fulfilling journey. Each assignment gives an aspiring writer or established author the proper polish it takes to make your publishing campaign and journey complete. The assignments in the program aren't one and dones, but incite students to continue the course of literary excellence. Each assignment will be revisited and refined until you are the Pathfinder who creates a path for the next one to publish in excellence."


                                                                                        -Podgi Carter

                                                     Path To Publishing MBA in Publishing 2019 Graduate

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If you are still on the fence about enrolling in Path To Publishing’s DIY MBA in Publishing Program, then click here to watch the student orientation video to get a glimpse inside the program.

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