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for the "Act Like an Author, 
Think Like a Business"
Conference CURRICULUM 

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Day 1 of the conference "Beyond the Basics of Self-Publishing" will cover all five aspects of the publishing process.


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Day 2 of the conference 

"Build Your Book Business"


-Incorporating (or “doing business as”)
-Naming your book business/publishing imprint
-Separating business from personal
-Tracking income/expenses

-Contracts & Disclaimers

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Day 3 of the conference - "Make a Living as a Writer"


-How to turn your book/writing into a business
-How to make money beyond book sales
-How to get other people to pay for your business endeavors
-How to secure paid writing gigs
-How to get grants and sponsors
-Professional titles you wear besides “author/writer”
-How to increase book sales without directly selling books
-How to make money from content you write outside of books
-How to make money while you sleep
-How to make money while spending time with family and friends
-How to make money on YouTube


What happens in vegas doesn't have to stay there.

Whether you've attended the "Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business Conference" in Las Vegas, or simply heard about it through the grapevine, our online shop carries all the curriculum taught in the conference main sessions. And guess what? This curriculum is also a prerequisite to our MBA in Publishing Program.

And for those  who have young children, grandchildren, Godchildren, nieces, nephews, and cousins who have written books, journals, school assignments, and the likes, don’t just brag about them on social media, store their writings away in the attic, or leave their projects hanging on a refrigerator magnet for years. Learn how to become their publisher so that their written works, gifts, talent, and message can be shared with the world! Use these courses to help you go From Parent to Publisher (TM).

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Did you pay to attend the "Act  Like an Author, Think Like a Business" Conference and would now like a copy of all three days of the main session instruction on audiovisual to refer to at your leisure, and as many times as you'd like?


It's not too late to purchase them. The audiovisual format of the conference curriculum slides is the best because you get to hear the main course instructor, Joylynn M. Ross (Master Literary Educator and founder of Path To Publishing), teaching live! If you didn't attend #PTPCON, no worries, you can purchase the audiovisual instruction slides, too!

***The audiovisual recording is like being right there at the conference (again).  Anything that wasn't captured on the slides (or in your notes) that main instructor Joylynn M. Ross might have adlibbed, you can hear on the audiovisual slides.***


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