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Help Path To Publishing Pay Its Rent...

Through the Excellence in Publishing Fund

Path To Publishing has an "Excellence in Publishing Fund" that provides full and partial funding and scholarships toward writing and publishing services provided by our company, as well as for the registration of our annual "Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business" publishing conference and curriculum. 


 Although it's not a tax deductible fund, your contribution to this fund is an investment in creating literary legacies.

(use your Credit/Debit Card or PayPal account to contribute below)

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On the outside looking in, Path To Publishing appears as if it's only an author assistance and literary service provider helping people to write, publish, distribute and sell books, build a book business, and create multiple streams of cohesive literary income to sustain and grow their book business. But our mission, message, and purpose go beyond that. We're about empowering writers, authors, creatives, and even the self-proclaimed non-writer by teaching and helping them to share their messages, systems, strategies, techniques, and testimonies in various formats across multiple platforms.

Whether it's for entertainment or personal, business, spiritual, mental, emotional or financial development and growth, there is something about everyone’s story that can excite, incite, and help someone else.  And Path To Publishing is on assignment to make sure as many stories as possible get told. We are doing so by equipping individuals with the necessary tools, information, and resources necessary to write and publish in excellence, as well as by educating them on the business of writing and publishing.

It's a known fact that within the publishing industry there is very little diversity, equity, and inclusion, making it so that marginalized and underrepresented groups are at a disadvantage. And with all that aside, it's no easy feat navigating around the industry gatekeepers - or the industry itself. So, instead of teaching individuals how to knock down doors, beg for a seat at someone else's table, move that darn little needle, or cut up their hands trying to break through glass ceilings, we teach them how to build their own book, book business, literary legacy, and literary empire.

Alice Walker is quoted as saying that her activism is her rent for living on this planet. Subscribing to that quote, Path To Publishing CEO and founder says the following: "I refuse to be a squatter on this earth. I refuse to live rent free. It's time to pay rent - with an increase! And the business and social efforts I personally engage in - and through the dealings of my company, Path To Publishing - is my currency. Why am I so passionate about what I do? Why do I have this unwavering commitment, dedication, faith, belief, and desire that my one little author assistance and literary service provider company can not only make a difference in the literary industry with its contributions and its support of the literary arts, but will make an earth-shaking impact? Because I'm convinced with unmovable confidence that by the time I leave this earth, my tab will read 'PAID IN FULL!' And I have the unstoppable courage to see it through."

And you can help.

When you contribute to the Excellence in Publishing Fund, you are helping to subsidize or pay in full the services for someone who has what could be a life-changing (and even a life-saving) story to tell, but perhaps not the initial investment it takes to start telling it. Because, let’s face it, it cost to move a message and it cost to keep our company running in order to help our clients, aka Pathfinders, move their messages. And this is how you can help Path To Publishing pay its rent it owes to this planet. . . and perhaps your own as well. Because we can't do it alone. Yes, Path To Publishing is already making a difference in the literary industry and publishing world. Yes, we are already making a difference in so many lives. But with your help, we can make an IMPACT!

So, here is a huge THANK YOU in advance for your contribution. Whether it’s $5, $50, $500, $5,000 $50,000 or $5,000,000, you are contributing to a story, to a message, to a testimony that has the capability to change the world.

Maya & Bill _75155936_clintonafp_cut.jpg

There is no greater agony than

bearing an untold story inside you.”

-Maya Angelou


"Anybody over fifty owes it to his

family to write down everything that's

happened during his life and pass it on."

-Bill Clinton


Do you have to be Black, Latino, Asian or any other non-white race to receive funding from the Excellence in Publishing Fund? No, no, no and a big fat NO! The Path To Publishing Excellence in Publishing Fund has awarded funding and scholarships to individuals of all races. The fund is set up for any and all persons at a disadvantage or who are part of a marginalized, underserved, or underrepresented group . . . whether they be Black, white, or any other race. For blunt clarity: You can be a white disabled person or fully abled body First American with a socially economic disadvantage and/or lack of access to writing and publishing resources to be awarded funding and scholarships.


Who determines and how is a determination made as to who the funds are distributed to? As it has always been in past years, the Path To Publishing team of Literary Companions as well as the Advisory Board – usually during project management meetings and Advisory Board meetings – decide on a case by case basis as to whom to distribute funding and scholarships to, and where along a Pathfinder’s literary journey they need the services or education in order to start or complete a project, or to simply excel in their literary career. Sometimes the decision-making process is as simple as the CEO, Project Manager, or a Path To Publishing Verified Literary Consultant having a conversation with a Pathfinder; learning their needs, goals, budget, hurdles, pain points, struggles, and challenges. And, yes, we do include mental illnesses/issues such as anxiety and depression in our definition of a disability.

Is there a general application to apply for scholarships and funding? No. As mentioned above, based on Path To Publishing team members’ communications, relationships, and knowledge of our clients, prospective clients and community members, we determine in-house who to extend funding and scholarships to. For example, the week of the 2021 “Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business” Conference, several Path To Publishing clients and online community members who had exhausted their financial budget in the writing process or hadn’t been able to financially recoup from the pandemic and couldn’t afford to invest in the conference to learn what to do with their book next were awarded scholarships to attend the conference. We know we made the right selection of recipients based on the emotional testimonials we received as well as those filled with genuine gratitude. But the true confirmation is when recipients implement and execute everything they learn and win!  Although there is no initial application for funding, recipients do receive follow-up correspondence and communications from Path To Publishing team members they are expected to reply to. These communications allows Path To Publishing to be able to keep a report for contributors to see how well their contributions are at work, or how they can be better used.


To have specific questions answered, email If you are an organization/non-profit, consider having your grant researcher/writer find grants/sponsorship you can apply for that will enable you to cover the cost of your clients receiving the assistance they need to write and publish their books. This can include writing and publishing workshops specifically held and presented to your organization/non-profit. Path To Publishing will be happy to provide you with any quotes and information you need to complete your applications. Simply reach out to us at for assistance.

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