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Writing Services:
Coaching, Courses, Mentorship

Get the help and support you need to achieve your writing dreams from our award-winning authors and coaches. 

Writing Coaching - 30 Minutes, one-on-one (weekly subscription)

Get 30 minutes of one-on-one, dedicated coaching for your writing project for $99 per week.

Writer's Inner Circle Membership

Carve out dedicated time each week to work on your writing while getting help and support from writing coach and mentor, Brandy M. Miller. We meet for 2 hours each Saturday morning from 10 a.m. - 12 noon Central Time. The membership is just $200 a month to join.

Writing Your Way to a Better Tomorrow - Virtual Group Course

Re-examine the stories that are holding you back from achieving your dreams and get on the path to success in just two hours a week over 8 weeks while forming relationships with other Pathfinders on the same journey for just $499.

Class times are available from 12-2 p.m. Eastern, 6-8 p.m. Eastern, or 6-8 p.m. Pacific on Wednesdays. You will be emailed upon registration to find out what time works best for you. Classes begin February 7, 2024.

Writing Coaching and Editing - 30 minutes 

For $200 per week, you'll get the coaching plus content editing of the work created during the coaching session to help you polish your work. This includes offline editing.

Writing Your Way to a Better Tomorrow Email Course

Uncover the stories that are keeping you from achieving your dreams and discover how to rewrite them into stories that work for you - instead of against you - with our email-a-day course covering 40 lessons that take just 20 minutes each to complete. The course is just $99 - but the benefits will last a lifetime.

Writing Your Way to a Better Tomorow - One-on-One Virtual Lessons

Get one-on-one support as you go through the steps required to identify, re-examine, and rewrite the stories that are holding you back from achieving your dreams and get on the path to success in just two hours a week over 8 weeks with your personal writing coach for just $1499.

Class times and dates will be scheduled upon signup.

What Our Clients Say

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I began working with Brandy Miller July 2023 when I joined Path To Publishing’s 6-Month Group Literary Mentorship program. I knew Brandy would be the writing coach for me when I heard her speak. The tone of her voice calms my mind, which allows me to freely release my thoughts verbally and in writing. She is a positive and encouraging force in my life. Even when she gives constructive criticism, she does it with the upmost respect of my idea, while providing alternate possibilities for me to consider.

I had been writing my book for over a year when I decided to invest in myself and hire Brandy to help me. I have never thought about or written a book before. However, I knew I had a story to tell and healing that needed to be done. I didn't have a clear vision of the message I wanted to promote or how to figure it out. Through weekly one-hour sessions with Brandy, I found the exact message I want my reader to take from my series. 

While working with Brandy, I participated in her newly developed writing program (“Write Your Way to a Better Tomorrow”). The writing exercises helped me overcome writer's block. It also opened my creative mind to think outside of the box when it comes to telling my story. As part of the writing program, Brandy gave me an assignment that involved me creating a character that followed me throughout my life. I have to admit, I had no idea how I would make this happen. But after her writing program, I created two characters instead.

Brandy has been a blessing in my life. She has helped me build confidence in my writing ability, my story, as well as myself. I am truly grateful that I have the opportunity to work with and learn from her. 

Meet the Team

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