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How To Make
Money from

Book Before
It's Written

Join Path To Publishing course instructor, Joylynn M. Ross, in her virtual classroom for her "Make Money from Your Book Before It's Written" webinar to learn how you can start earning money from your book before it's even written.

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could earn the money to print your book long before it's time to send it to the printer? We're talking about eBooks and audio books as well.

Just imagine making money to pay for literary professionals to assist you with the publishing process of your book, such as an editor or literary consultant.


In this webinar, over twenty-two-year literary industry vet, Joylynn M. Ross, will walk you through how to start earning money from your book, even if it's not yet written. There is no magic trick in which you say, "Abracadabra," and money will appear. There is work involved, but you can't get started if you don't know what it is you should be doing. Joylynn knows, and she's going to teach you in this two-hour webinar.


Coined "The Literary-Know-It-All" because she wants authors to know it all when it comes to their literary careers, Joylynn is ready to get you started on building your book business, by generating the funds to be used as an initial investment.


Because Joylynn has been on almost every corner of the literary industry map, who better to chauffeur you toward literary financial success? Allow her to teach you how to start, run, and finish a successful pre-order campaign. 


There is no science, fancy tricks, secret sauce, or manipulation techniques and schemes to the campaign she's going to teach you to run. You simply have to run it . . . but run it the right way.


A pre-order campaign goes beyond using Barnes and Noble's and Amazon's "pre-order option." It goes beyond dropping the pre-order pay link all over social media. Having your book available for pre-order and running a pre-order campaign are two different things, and it's something all authors, whether traditionally published, self-published, or POD should be doing.

If you're ready to start cashing in on your book before the book store cashier does, then purchase this webinar today for only $47.97.

Once you purchase the "Make Money From Your Book Before It's Written" Webinar, you will receive the entire two-hour webinar you can listen and watch at your convenience . . . over and over again!

 How To Make
New Money
from an Old Book

In the literary industry, a book can be considered old after having sat on the shelf for three months or more. But Path To Publishing has a saying that a book is new to anyone who hasn't read it yet.

So even though your book may be considered old for industry sake, it can still make new money from not only readers who haven't read it, but also from the readers who have.


Yes, you read correctly. You can take an older book that perhaps didn't sell as well as you wanted it to, and make new money from it. Or you can take an older book that actually did sell quite well and make new money from it.

Join Path To Publishing course instructor, Joylynn M. Ross, on the two-hour webinar, "How To Make New Money From an Old Book," where she'll be teaching you the key elements you need to relaunch a book successfully.

Not only can you get readers to buy your book they've already read, but you can get them to buy that same book in multiple formats. You can't just put the same "old" book out there though. There are some pertinent things you must do and steps you must take. Take it from someone who has successfully relaunched three of her older titles.

In addition to having relaunched her own titles, Joylynn has over 30 published works, and is an award-winning, national bestselling author. As a literary agent, ghostwriter and editor, she's been on almost every corner of the literary map and has chauffeured thousands of authors toward literary success.


Having instructed so many publishing and self-publishing courses, upon completion, Joylynn's students are constantly saying the same thing: "I wish I'd known then (when I launched my first book) what I know now (what Joylynn taught them)." 


When it comes to your books, it's not too late to take things you've learned and put them to use. That's one of the major benefits of a relaunch.


Sign-up now for this webinar to be delivered in your in-box if you're ready to get one of your older books off the ground and into the hands of consumers.


Maximize Your
Book Reviews

Maximize Your  Book Reviews ICON.png

There was a time when authors didn't care about book reviews one way or the other. Well, all that has changed. Reviews hold much more weight now than once upon a time.


If you've taken the "Beyond the Basics of Self-Publishing" online course, or if you've done any literary consulting with Path To Publishing, then you learned various types of review campaigns that authors should run both pre and post book publication. 


In the "Maximize Your Book Reviews" one-hour webinar, you learn what to do with all those book reviews you and your book review team have collected.


Learning how to maximize your book reviews can ultimately mean monetizing them as well.


The course is taught by over 22-year literary industry vet, Joylynn M. Ross, also known as the "Literary Know-It-All," because she wants authors to know it all when it comes to their literary careers.


Don't allow those book reviews to not serve their purpose for one more day. Purchase the webinar now and receive the course in your email box so that you can get started maximizing your book reviews!

Outline &
Story Builder

Do you have a thought, idea, concept or message that you want to turn into a book or publication and you need help getting started?


Do you need to get your book out of your head and onto paper?


Do you know what you want to write about? Do you already have things written down or your entire story written, but your writing is all over the place or just perhaps needs a bit more organization and clarity?


Let me help you make sense of everything. Let me help you turn your words into a book.


The Outline & Story Builder Program does just what it says. You will receive the tools, instruction, and assistance to help you organize your thoughts, ideas, concepts, and messages into an outline that you can then build an entire story from. Within 30 days, you’ll be on your way to completing your book. This program includes two check-in reviews (we want to make sure you’re on the right path and steer you in the right direction if you’re not) and a 30-minute literary consulting call upon completion of the 30-day program.


For years you’ve been saying you are going to write that book; that you are going to get that book published. Or maybe all your friends and family have been telling you that you need to write that book. Let’s actually get started and be on your way to completion in 30 days!


Your coach, Joylynn M. Ross, has over two decades of experience in the literary industry as an author (both traditional and self-published), editor (for publishing houses and freelance), a ghostwriter (both freelance and for publishing houses), literary consultant (for aspiring, new, vet, New York Times best-selling authors and entertainers), and literary agent (clients with book deals with Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Urban Books). She's ready to chauffeur you toward reaching your literary goal of writing your book. Sign up for this program and get lifetime access to use for all your books and publications.

Course Instructor

(Joylynn M. Ross)

With over 17 years of experience in the literary industry, Joylynn M. Ross (previously writing under Joylynn M. Jossel, JOY, E. N. Joy, and N. Joy) has seen almost every mistake made that an author could possibly make. As a matter of fact, she made most of them herself. Having taken many courses and workshops to help her become a successful published author, what Joylynn realized was that although the courses taught her what to do, they failed to teach her what not to do. The courses told her what path to go down (which wasn't always the most appropriate path for her as an individual author), but they didn't tell her which paths to avoid.

As a literary consultant, editor (both freelance and with major publishing houses), literary agent (clients with book deals with Simon and Schuster, Random House, Urban Books), ghostwriter (both freelance and for major publishing houses), and mentor to aspiring, new, vet authors and entertainers, Joylynn found it satisfying that she was able to assist other authors in avoiding the potholes that could leave them stuck and broken down on the side of the road. But as she continued to read so many dispiriting testimonies on social media from authors, and see for herself the mistakes authors were still out there making, she knew she had to figure out a way to extend her reach. One-on-one consulting, helpful social media posts, and blogs simply were not enough, which is why she is now proud to say that

she is one of the first Path To Publishing online and conference instructors. Through online courses (both pre-recorded and live in person), conferences, webinars, workshops and teleconferences, Joylynn is able to share her wisdom, experience and expertise with thousands of authors.


You can learn more about Joylynn on her author websites: www.enjoywrites.com and www.joylynnjossel.com. You can also subscribe to her "Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business" YouTube Series.


“We completed and published my workbook, "Activating Your Gifts," in three months. Joylynn operates from a place of excellence. She is diligent in what she does and she knows her stuff. She has forever changed my life!”


-Shaniece Wise Armstrong

Personal & Business Development Coach

Author of Activating Your Gifts

"Joylynn is a literary moving force; one that is personable, productive, and professional."


-Monique Chandler, MBA 

Author of Reconnecting With Your Happy

“If there ever was a person that could walk you through ANY literary endeavor, it would be in the person of Joylynn M. Ross. The value of what she brings to the table is incomparable. She is exactly what you need if you're serious about putting what's in your head to paper.”


-Laquania  Sheree

Author of What Are You Bringing to the Table                                             


“Joylynn is indeed a manufacturer of authors! Her knowledge and education for editing, and as a literary consultant, speaks volumes. She is very optimistic, passionate, and intense. Because of her, my book is perfectly written and powerful! She is the greatest link to my destiny. Joylynn's editorial instructions allowed me to think and critique beyond my best effort as an author. Her joy and smiles are present while she works. She has made it possible for me to reach heights and territories beyond my imagination!”


-Cynthia Haynes Asmond


Author of Poverty Tested, Prosperity Approved

Have you taken the Path To Publishing "Beyond the Basics of Self-Publishing,"  "Build Your Book Business," and/or the "Make a Living as a Writer" course either online or at a live event? Have you worked with a Path To Publishing Literary Consultant for at least three to six months? If so, do you feel like you can be student turn teacher and get paid to teach the courses online and live at conferences, seminars, and workshops? Would you like to increase your marketplace value in the