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The workshop at Nevada Museum was customized for the 55+ community through the Lifetime Arts training program.


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"Outline & Story Builder Program" 


Do you have a thought, idea, concept or message that you want to turn into a book or publication and you need help getting started?


Do you need to get your book out of your head and onto paper?


Do you know what you want to write about? Do you already have things written down or your entire story written, but your writing is all over the place or just perhaps needs a bit more organization and clarity?


Let me help you make sense of everything. Let me help you turn your words into a book.


The Outline & Story Builder Program does just what it says. You will receive the tools, instruction, and assistance to help you organize your thoughts, ideas, concepts, and messages into an outline that you can then build an entire story from. Within 30 days, you’ll be on your way to completing your book. This program includes two check-in reviews (we want to make sure you’re on the right path and steer you in the right direction if you’re not) and a 30-minute literary consulting call upon completion of the 30-day program.


For years you’ve been saying you are going to write that book; that you are going to get that book published. Or maybe all your friends and family have been telling you that you need to write that book. Let’s actually get started and be on your way to completion in 30 days!


Your coach, Joylynn M. Ross, has over two decades of experience in the literary industry as an author (both traditional and self-published), editor (for publishing houses and freelance), a ghostwriter (both freelance and for publishing houses), literary consultant (for aspiring, new, vet, New York Times best-selling authors and entertainers), and literary agent (clients with book deals with Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Urban Books). She's ready to chauffeur you toward reaching your literary goal of writing your book. Sign up for this program and get lifetime access to use for all your books and publications.

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“Write the Story You Haven’t Told”

There are literary gurus, professionals, experts, and even authors who may try to convince you that writing is fun, writing is easy, that you can write a book quick, and all kinds of other stuff to make you believe spilling words onto paper is a piece of cake. Below is what Sheri Salata, who was Executive Producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show and Co-President of Harpo Studios and the Oprah Winfrey Network--and who is a master storyteller--had to say about that: "Don't let anyone tell you writing a book is easy."

It's not, and that is why author, editor, and ghostwriter, Joylynn M. Ross, is here to help you navigate the process.

In her over 22-year career in the literary industry, Joylynn has written in multiple genres under the names Joylynn M. Jossel, JOY, N. Joy, and BLESSEDselling Author E. N. Joy. Her latest release is a non-fiction publishing reference written under the name Joylynn M. Ross titled Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business: Ways to Achieve Financial Literary Success. As the main instructor at the annual Path To Publishing “Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business” Conference held every September in Las Vegas, Nevada, Joylynn has served on almost every corner of the literary industry map; literary agent—with clients who have book deals with Simon & Schuster, Random House, and Urban Books, to name a few, an editor (for both publishing houses and freelance), a literary consultant, a ghostwriter (for both publishing houses and freelance), a writing and publishing coach, and literary educator. So, who better to chauffeur writers and authors along their literary journey?

Joylynn’s title, If I Ruled the World (JOY), earned a book blurb from Grammy Award-Winning Artist, Erykah Badu. An All Night Man (Joylynn M. Jossel), an anthology she penned with New York Times Bestselling Author Brenda Jackson, earned the Borders Bestselling African American Romance Award. Her Urban Fiction title, Dollar Bill (JOY), appeared in Newsweek and has been translated to Japanese. Her children's book, The Secret Olivia Told Me (N. Joy), received an American Library Association Coretta Scott King Honor. Scholastic Books acquired the book club rights, and the book has sold over 100,000 copies to date.


With almost 40 publications in print and over three-quarters of a million books sold (12,500 which were sold from the trunk of her car as a self-published author), there are still stories Joylynn hasn’t told. She’s not the only one. Everyone has a story inside of them; one they desire to tell but don’t know where to start, one that has been buried so deeply they are afraid to start, or one they've started but need help finishing.


Bill Clinton, years back, right after he had his first memoir published, said, "Anybody over fifty owes it to his family to write down everything that's happened during his life and pass it on."


Although this statement rings loud with truth, a person shouldn’t wait until they’re 50, as tomorrow isn’t promised. So let’s start writing that story today, regardless of age, so that tomorrow our words will live to free ourselves of the story or stories that are inside of us, as well as, perhaps, free others—as words have the power to do that, you know.

If you already know you are interested in booking this workshop, complete our “Workshop/Speaking Engagement Request” form with as much information about your needs as possible, and one of Path To Publishing's team members will give you a call to discuss and finalize the details.

Course Outline

Day One:

-Getting the story idea out of your head and onto paper, as well as determining why you want to write this story, and then determine how you want to tell the story

-Determine desired length

-Develop main characters or persons you’ll highlight in the story and determine their conflicts (internal/external), stakes, goals, motivations, etc.

Day Two:

-Choose the point of view in which you want to tell the story and establish setting/starting point and the structure

-Create an outline (even if you’re a pantser)

-Fill in the meat of the story

-Time permitting: Brainstorm titles and summaries

Who is this course for?

This course is for beginning writers, vet writers and authors, to self-proclaimed "non-writers". You don't have to be a writer to author your own story. Wherever you are on your literary journey, Joylynn will meet you there, then help get you to your final destination.

What are the measurable results and objectives?

A completed or fleshed out working outline and/or draft; dedicate time to be creative and immerse in the written word; ease the anxiety and fear of writing; facilitate the creative process of writing



$297 per student (includes Author Planner - $49 Value; copy of Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business: Ways to Achieve Financial Literary Success - $19.95 Value; and a half-hour literary consulting call - $100 value)

Group discount available for writing groups, conferences, workshops, schools, organizations, book clubs, bookstores, retreats, etc.


Optional Reception: Sign copies of Author E. N. Joy titles (available to bookstores, libraries, organizations, retailers at wholesale price)

Seating is limited to only 12, and here's why:

"Because words are so personal for me," says Joylynn, "and because I've worked with thousands of writers and authors in my almost 22-year literary career (content development editor, ghostwriter, copy-editor, book coach, write-behind artist, literary agent, literary consultant, literary educator, and author), I've never been one to even consider offering a writing course where everything seems so blanket; where I'm teaching every author to do the same thing.

"I know that when it comes to penning our stories and messages, there is no one-size fits all, so when I received the assignment, instruction, and revelation to run a writing course like no other that exists--structured for each writer to still receive my one-on-one attention--I didn't hesitate to say 'yes' to the call.


"When I'm working with an author and their manuscript--be it fiction or non fiction--in any capacity, I fully take on that piece of work. Meaning, I become the author, I become their characters, and I become so vested in making sure the message comes across clearly, that by the end of my day after working on the manuscript, I'm sometimes physically, mentally, and often spiritually drained. Through other authors' works I've been raped, molested, beat, abused, cheated on, betrayed, lied about, murdered, lied to, misunderstood, as well as uplifted, encouraged, motivated, inspired, incited, educated, empowered, and so much more. I never wanted to lose this personal connection I have with each author and their work, which is why I'd personally frowned upon ever holding a group writing course.

"So, I move forward with this assignment with the clear understanding that I'm not the boss of this course, but instead, I'm a steward over the messages being brought to me, and it's my job to make sure that those stories and messages are relayed in excellence and become fruitful and multiply."

***Your story—your words—can be told safely. You will not be required to share unless you choose to.***

The seat meant just for you is available, so register now!

Letter to Younger Self Length.jpg

How many times have you heard someone give the advice, "Write a letter to your younger self"? But very few of those people giving the advice are equipped and qualified to walk you through the actual process. In the "Letter to Your Younger Self" writing workshop, Certified Path To Publishing instructors chauffeur you through the journey of penning a piece of writing that will not only allow you to reflect, relive, and pass on an experience and message to your younger self, but to compose a personal narrative/essay type of work that has the potential to impact the next generation.


"If I knew then what I know now . . ." doesn't have to be the testimony of those following your footsteps if you allow your sage advice to be the footprints they can follow instead.


Inquire now about hosting the workshop for your organization, conference, event, or simply host the workshop for a group of family members and/or friends by completing our  “Workshop/Speaking Engagement Request” form with as much information about your needs as possible, and one of Path To Publishing's team members will give you a call to discuss and finalize the details.

If you already know you are interested in booking this workshop, complete our “Workshop/Speaking Engagement Request” form with as much information about your needs as possible, and one of Path To Publishing's team members will give you a call to discuss and finalize the details.

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