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Live Your Dreams of Being a Published Author

No matter where you are on your literary journey, national bestselling author, Joylynn M. Ross, and her team of writing and publishing experts can support you.

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Your Story Is Worth Publishing

Make no mistake: You ARE a big deal. You matter. What you do matters. There's a life-saving, history-shaping, world-changing story that ONLY you can tell.

Whether you're writing fiction, non-fiction, a memoir, or even poetry, you're the only one in all of human history who has or ever will have the necessary combination of:

  • genetics

  • family history

  • talents

  • gifts

  • skills

  • life experience

  • education

  • knowledge

  • expertise

  • creativity

  • and personal perspective

...that will allow you to deliver your unique story to the audience that needs it most. If you don't deliver that story, someone else may try, but they won't be able to bring to it what you can.

You Don't Have To Be A Writer To Share Your Story

You don't have to be a writer - or even love writing - to become the published author of your own story. Let us help you tell it.

Our team of expert ghostwriters can write the book for you.

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We've ALL Been There

Whether you’ve dreamed of being a published author for years or even
decades, but you haven’t taken action on your dreams


…or you keep telling yourself you’ll write and publish your


…but that day never comes…

...or you've purchased half-a-bookstore's worth of books on how to write and publish but you're still no closer to where you want to be on your writing and publishing journey than you were when you started...

...or you've got plenty of story ideas but they all seem to fizzle out around chapter five, so you bounce from story idea to story idea without ever finishing anything...

...or you've got a virtual ghost town's worth of stories you've finished but never got professionally edited that are currently collecting dust on your hard drive...

We know what that's like. We want to help you get past the obstacles that stand between you and your dreams of writing and publishing success.

Book a free discovery call with one of our Literary Consultants so we can get you started on the right path to publishing for you.

The best writers don't write alone. 

They join critique groups and writer's groups, partnering with other writers who can give them the right kind of feedback to help them know what needs to be improved and how to improve it.

If you need a writer's group, we offer a Group Coaching program for writers that will provide you the peer support and feedback you need to succeed in a supportive environment that will build you up, not tear you down.

You'll Never Know How Good Your Story Is Until You Share It!

Looking For the Recipe for Writing a Perfect Rough Draft? We've got news for you!

It doesn't exist.

Rough drafts aren't supposed to be perfect. That isn't the point of writing them.

The point of writing your rough draft is finding the heart of your story. Rewriting and editing are where the story is refined and perfected.

Don't let perfectionism kill your dreams!

Give yourself permission to write the biggest pile of horse manure the world has ever seen. All that horse manure will become the fertilizer for the seeds of the story you're planting in your rough draft.

If you need help getting your rough draft written, let our writing coaches support you. Take the first step toward your literary dreams and book a free discovery call with one of our writing coaches.

Inspiration Gets Your Story Started...It Won't Help You Finish It.

Inspiration and infatuation are twin cousins. 

They're the spark of attraction, that mystical magic that draws you to something wonderful and sets your heart on fire.

However, there will be a point in time when the fires die down and you no longer "feel" it. 

The difference between those who get from chapter one to "It's done!" or from "I only want to be with you" to "til death did we part" commitment.

Commitment to the story and the people who need to hear it.

Commitment to your desire to touch, make a change or a difference, or have an impact on someone else's life.

Once your inspiration runs dry, let our Writing Coaches help you put together a solid strategy to get you started again. We can help you keep moving forward until you reach "The End."


You keep putting your story on the back burner. You tell yourself you'll get to it...someday...but that day never comes.

You tell yourself you don't have time right now.

That's why the days...weeks...months...years...and even decades...pass by and your story still isn't out there.

You talk about it. You tell people you're working on it...

...but it never comes to pass.


You're underestimating the power of your story and its ability to change not only your life but that of the entire world.

You're not committing to your dream or holding yourself accountable for achieving it because you think the only person it impacts is you, but that's just not true.

The truth is...


Someone Out There Urgently NEEDS To Hear Your Story!

There's someone out there:

  • Facing the situation you're addressing

  • Dealing with the problem you figured out how to solve

  • Enduring the pain you went through and the grief of the loss it brought

  • Seeking the happy ending you know how to deliver

  • Looking to share the joy they feel and need your help to do it

  • Hoping to change their perspective on life by hearing about yours

They need to hear - from you - that there is hope on the other side of things and a better world possible for them.

They need to know their life is going to be worth it in the end.

Their life will be touched, changed, or even saved by the story you share.

Whether your story is fiction, nonfiction, a memoir, or a book of poetry, you've got a unique perspective that no one else can give that can help them in a way that no one else can...

...but you have to get that story out of your head and out into the world first.

Let us help you overcome the obstacles between you and your writing and publishing dreams.

Rejection Doesn't Mean Your Story Is Bad

It means it either needs work or wasn't the right fit for the person who received it.

Let us evaluate your story so we can help you figure out where it needs work and what you can do to improve it.

Stop Letting Money Hold Your Dreams Hostage!

If you're concerned about money and that's what's holding you back from getting the help you need to get your story out of your head or off your computer, and into the world, so it can benefit you and the people who need it...

PLEASE stop letting money be the reason you don't achieve your dreams!

There is ALWAYS a way to put together the money no matter what's in your bank account now.

Here are three ways to pay:

1. Join Our Affiliate Program

Join our program at no cost to you. You'll make 20% off every eligible product you've shared when someone purchases. It's a great way to make the money you need to pay for your dreams while helping someone else fulfill theirs.

2. Request Path To Publishing Gift Cards

Ask your friends and family to gift you Path To Publishing Gift Cards for your next special occasion rather than adding to a collection of dust catchers that won't be remembered. Offer a free copy of your book when it's done in exchange for the gift to incentivize their contribution. 

3. Book a Free Breaking Open Abundance Discovery Call


Work with our Abundance Conductor, Brandy M. Miller, to create a strategy to get the help and support you urgently matter what's in your bank account today.

Path To Publishing's CEO and Founder, Joylynn M. Ross, is a national bestselling author who has sold over a million copies of her own books and has agented almost two dozen authors, landing them a collective $2.7 million dollars in book contracts and royalties. She spent decades working with and for traditional publishers. Suffice it to say, she knows what publishers and agents are seeking in your manuscript.


During her online courses, she not only shares that information with you but she positions you to turn that story into a book and that book into a business. You'll learn the ins and outs of the publishing business and be better prepared to earn the kinds of advances that new authors rarely receive anymore, and even established authors see less and less often.


Plus, you can learn how to make money from your book before it's published...adding one more way you'll be able to pay for the services we render. 

Discover What Publishers and Agents Want From You 

Get the Education You Need to Succeed

The key to success in any industry is educating yourself about what it takes to do it right - and publishing is no exception. That's why we offer courses covering everything it takes to publish and market your book, set yourself up as your own publisher, and even make money from the book before it's written so you can pay for the book's expenses...and your own.

beyond the basics hard copy.png

Beyond the Basics of Self-Publishing


Learn all 5 aspects of the publishing process:


Build your book hard copy.png

Build Your Book Business


Learn the business side of publishing and set yourself

up for financial literary success

-Incorporating (or “doing business as”)
-Naming your book business
-Separating business from personal
-Tracking Income/Expenses
-Taxes and Accounting

-Contracts & Disclaimers

Make a living as a writer.png

Make a Living as a Writer


Learn how to make money from your book before it's even written:

- How to turn your book/writing into a business

-How to make money beyond book sales

-How to get other people to pay for your business endeavors

-How to secure paid writing gigs

- And much more!

Get all 3 for just $2500

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