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Path To Publishing Press Author Companion Services is a professional alternative to self-publishing . . . on your own. We chauffeur writers and authors AND their books and publications through the entire publishing process.


We're here to serve authors before, during and long after publication.


Each of our clients are given a questionnaire to fill out that will allow the author to define their immediate and/or specific needs and literary goals so we can customize a companion package to fit those needs and to assist in meeting their goals. This allows the Path To Publishing team of Literary Companions to complete all the publishing tasks and needs on the author's behalf.


The tasks and services include, but are not limited to, book coaching, editing, typesetting, book cover design, bar code, book data, eBook distribution set-up, print distribution set-up, audio book production, social media strategist (content and graphic design), schedule book tours, website design and maintenance, blog and article creation, social media management, podcast set-up and training, branding, logo design, social media campaign, email list building assistance, ghostwriting, book relaunch, pre-order campaign assistance and training, creation of sales funnel, webinar slides, book critique, media outreach, marketing plan, etc.

Rather than nickel-and-dime client authors (a common complaint with other author service providers), we look at the services needed over time, then work out a package (with a monthly retainer if need be) that will cover those services within a time-frame acceptable to the client author. So, for instance, if the retainer seems too high on a monthly basis, we can slow down the work, spreading it out over time. However, if the client author wishes to proceed at a more expedient pace, we can accelerate the process at an increased per-month fee. But we will not nickel-and-dime the client. Should they want to add new services (and some will), instead of billing them one-time (unless that is their preference), we’ll renegotiate the monthly fee, spreading the added costs over time. While some months clients may receive more services than average, and other months they might receive fewer services, their fees will be level-loaded so that, just like their mortgage payment, they will know how much to budget each month.

We even offer a way for you to save up the money needed to write and publish in excellence with our gift card program. Budget how much money you can put away each week, month, or pay check toward the services needed, then purchase Path To Publishing gift cards to ensure you'll save the money. Once you've saved up enough in gift cards for your service, cash them in and get published!

Purchase gift cards by clicking the image below.


The publication process itself can take three to twelve months, depending on the monthly payments that fit into the author's budget, where the author currently is in the book writing and publishing process, and what their final destination is; what literary goals they would like our help in achieving. Authors can “plug in” to our services at the very beginning of their literary journey, or at whatever point they find they need help and guidance to continue. In the highly-individualistic world of publishing, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to successfully publishing books.


PTP Press is committed to help each writer fulfill his or her dream by providing a balanced mix of services that are tailored to each author’s needs, as well as each author’s budget.

“As a writer, it is not often that I am without words, but Joylynn and the Path to Publishing team has left me speechless! They held my hand throughout the entire publishing process and made it seem like it was the easiest thing in the world. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking of self-publishing. They went above and beyond, and I am thankful for them and the time they spent to make my dream become a reality!”

—Tamara Paul  Author & CEO, Your True Potential

Tamara Paul Headshot.jpeg

Every writer has different needs and abilities. We work with authors to create a plan that reflects this.

What differentiates PTP Press from other author assistance companies and literary service providers is that we refuse to put together cookie cutter packages and plaster them on our website. Sure, we have to spend more time with the whole discovery call and questionnaire review process, but that allows each member of the PTP Press team to sleep at night. For the most part, we are dealing with individuals who don't know what they don't know about the writing and publishing process, let alone the business side of it. It's our job to enlighten them through the discovery call and questionnaire, whether they decide to ultimately work with us or not. Some of our website visitors honestly have no idea what they need and what they don't need. So making sure they invest their money exactly where it's going to benefit them most, enabling their literary dreams, visions, and goals to realize, means more than throwing out basic packages and numbers. The same way not every author's book is the same, neither are their goals, and neither are their budgets. PTP Press is committed to going the extra mile to make sure an author is provided only the services they need at a price they can afford, while getting excellent value and service. Although two authors may need the same services, they may not have the same budget, and we pride ourselves in honoring and understanding this factor. That is what makes PTP Press stand out; making sure our clients stand out, and are not just another number . . . like the ones in basic packages. Our authors are not basic, and we refuse to treat them as such.

Schedule your free consulting call with a Path To Publishing Verified Literary Consultant by visiting so that we can discuss how our companions can help

you get on and stay on the road to literary success!

Already know the services you need and simply need a quote? Click here to complete our form to request a quote for services.

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