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You're One Story and One Strategy Away from Making a Life-Saving, History-Shaping, World-Changing Impact

Path To Publishing's expert content creators and literary consultants will help you identify the right story and partner it with the perfect strategy to create a message that will motivate the masses to share it, allowing you to build the momentum needed to leave both a literary and financial legacy.

We can help you whether you're an...

Aspiring Author

You want to publish your book but don't know how. We're here to point you in the right direction.

Published Author

You've got a book but you need help with marketing and promotions

Business Owner/CEO

You own a business or you run one and need to grow your brand. We're here to support you.

Corporation/ Organization

You're on top, but staying on top requires keeping your brand's story relevant to today's market

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Joylynn M. Ross  has sold over a million copies of her own books and has helped almost two dozen authors land book contracts worth over $2.5 million dollars during her nearly three decades in the publishing industry. She has also helped dozens of authors build book businesses that earn over six-figures in revenue with her Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business Conference and through her MBA in Publishing Programs. She began as a traditionally published author and worked as a literary agent before deciding to take full control over her publishing experience and income-earning potential by self-publishing her books. Her mission is to empower those with a life-saving, history-shaping, world-changing story to tell with the tools needed to reach those they are intended to serve.

"What gets me up in the morning is the determination of  being and finding the solution to what keeps our customers up at night." - Joylynn M. Ross

Start Your Publishing Journey with Path To Publishing

Whether you are just starting your publishing journey or have a polished manuscript ready to be turned into a book, we have a package that will take you beyond the book and help you achieve your definition of literay and financial literary success.

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"I really appreciate this opportunity to discuss my project, Massacre Point, with Path To Publishing. I gained important and helpful insight and pointers for new directions I can take my story."



Phenomenally amazing! From the very moment I scheduled my literary consulting appointment, I just knew my literary dream had become reality. To be graced with the passionate driven "Literarist" herself (Joylynn M. Ross), was a blessing, and I learned many literary golden nuggets during our consultation. God truly appointed, and anointed the right one! Joylynn, you are blessed and highly favored!


"Joylynn is very informative! She has contagious laughter, character and spirit. I learn so much just from just interacting with her. She’s definitely a divine appointment in my life and business."

Meet The Board

Earth head shot.jpg

Earth O'Jallow

Chief PR Officer & Member of the Board of Directors

Image 6-2-22 at 7.36 PM (1).jpg

Ned Barnett

Chief Marketing Officer & Member of the Board of Directors

Image 11-2-22 at 1.13 AM.jpeg

Brandy M. Miller

Program Development Director & Member of the Board of Directors

Meet The Team

Image 1-27-23 at 10.15 PM.jpeg

Mia Darien

Executive Assistant, Editor, Graphic Designer, Cover Design & Typesetting

Stephanie head shot.jpg

Stephanie Bridges

Grant Coordinator & Style Consultant

Lamar head shot.jpg

Lamar Cromwell

Events Coordinator & Website Designer

Yvette Duran.png

Yvette Duran

Personal Narrative Specialist

Amit Dey_edited (1).png

Amit Dey

 Book interior design, website design services, cover design and artwork.

Candice Johnson_edited.png

Candace Johnson

Author. Editor. Dancer. Creative. Filmmaker.


Deb Stone

Personal Development Coach

PTP_Team Collage with Logo.png


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Get the Education You Need to Succeed

The key to success in any industry is educating yourself about what it takes to do it right - and publishing is no exception. That's why we offer courses covering everything it takes to publish and market your book, set yourself up as your own publisher, and even make money from the book before it's written so you can pay for the book's expenses...and your own.

beyond the basics hard copy.png

Beyond the Basics of Self-Publishing


Learn all 5 aspects of the publishing process:


Build your book hard copy.png

Build Your Book Business


Learn the business side of publishing and set yourself

up for financial literary success

-Incorporating (or “doing business as”)
-Naming your book business
-Separating business from personal
-Tracking Income/Expenses
-Taxes and Accounting

-Contracts & Disclaimers

Make a living as a writer.png

Make a Living as a Writer


Learn how to make money from your book before it's even written:

- How to turn your book/writing into a business

-How to make money beyond book sales

-How to get other people to pay for your business endeavors

-How to secure paid writing gigs

- And much more!

Get all 3 for just $2500

Become a Pathfinder

Definition: Pathfinder
a specialized soldier inserted and dropped into place in order to set up and organize drop zones for ground unit commanders 

Conference Group pic.jpg

Join a powerful community creating literary legacies while supporting and contributing to the literary arts. Meet other literary architects who are building literary empires.

Pathfinder members come from all walks of life and include:

  • Authors 

  • Publishers

  • Social media experts

  • Marketers

  • Journalists

  • Film producers

  • Poets

  • Event speakers and planners

  • Actors

  • Musicians

  • Bloggers

  • Vloggers

  • Podcasters

  • Clergymen

  • CEOs

  • Business Owners

  • Founders

...and more.

On your path to writing, publishing and overall literary success is where you will find the Path To Publishing community and tribe—Literary Ground Commanders. Operating from the same blueprint, we are there not just pointing those on their literary journey in the right direction, but we are there willing, ready, able, and equipped to make sure they reach their final destination of which their literary dreams, visions, and goals await.


Pathfinders are authors and writers who know the worth of their intellectual property. This group has the Ground Zero capability to be the most impactful literary unity in the world!


You can watch how we move...


...or join forces and be part of the movement. 





"The Tribe"

No one owes anyone.

This is what we do.

You come through for me.

And I come through for you.

         - Tonya Todd

Pathfinder Literary Academy(TM) 
Private Membership Area

Pathfinder Literary Academy Logp.jpg
Sign-up for the Pathfinder Literary Academy(TM) members only area, where you will find interactive and fun insights designed to help guide you down the road toward literary success. Join now

Once your payment is processed, you will receive a notification email instructing you to  create a user name and password of your choosing for access  to our



Dr. Ira Marshall 

Suitland, MD


“I have had the pleasure of working with Path To Publishing with my most recent book project.  Ms. Ross is a hidden jewel, and I am very pleased to have had someone recommend her services. Ms. Ross is a great communicator with her clients, pays great attention to detail, and even recommends actions that an author should take or address to make their book a best-seller. She is professional, driven, and will assist in ensuring that your project is a success!”

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