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Path To Publishing
“Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business” Conference
Providing you with the blueprint to both literary and
financial literary success!

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But don't worry, you can purchase the conference curriculum in multiple formats by clicking HERE.  

Hampton Inn & Suites Las Vegas South

(To receive the conference rate, reservations must be received by 06/22/2023)












What makes the ALAATLAB annual conference different from any other conferences for authors/publishers?

  • It's not a writing conference but, instead, a conference to teach you what to do with your writings, such as successfully publishing them, turning them into a business and making money with them.

  • We’re not geared toward just self-published authors or any single genre of authors/publishers. Our curriculum applies to any author/publisher regardless of which path to publishing or genre. Our conference is even designed for the self-proclaimed non-writer, because we know you don't have to be a writer to be the author/publisher of your own story. There are resources available to help you write and publish your book, and you get those resources at this conference.


  • We don’t fill the conference space with vendors, presenters, sessions, and workshops with service providers whose ultimate goals is to get attendees to purchase their services and products. We’re all about attendees investing in themselves, in their books, and their book and publishing business.


  • We include the opportunity for all attendees to have lifetime access to all the curriculum taught in the conference main sessions. So, you walk away with more than a few sales brochures disguised as workshop handouts. You walk away with the literary blueprint! The blueprint to publishing books, building a book business/publishing company, and making money to sustain and grown.


  • Although on occasion some of our sanctioned events include workshops on the craft of writing, this conference is focused on the writing process (tools and resources to get your book written), the publishing process, turning your book into a business such as a publishing imprint/company, and making money with your book and book business. We know that the publishing process is just as important as the writing of the book. As a matter of fact, publishing success is the ROI on the writing of the book. Whether you’ve written your book and are asking, “Now what?” or whether you’ve already published your book and are asking “Now what?”, ALAATLAB is your answer!  Desire to start a publishing company or looking to grow and scale your existing one? ALAATLAB is for you!

  • This is NOT a networking event. At the Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business Conference, we do more than network. We create and build genuine relationships, partnerships, connections, collaborations, and even friendships. When Pathfinders show up, we know we are not just another attendee at a function; we are family. We find ways to NOT compete with one another, but to complement one another in our various endeavors based upon our individual lane of genius and skills. You befriend a #Pathfinder, and you have someone who is going to support you for life! ​




This year the conference will be held in Las Vegas, NV on July 13th & 14th, and in Columbus, OH on Oct 20, 2023.  

We have special plans for the conference this year and will be partnering with our own Pathfinder Extraordinaire, Danielle D. Smith’s Las Vegas Film, Author, & Photography Festival and Columbus Film Author, & Photography Festival to bring you an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience.

The 2023 conferences, however, will be focused on first-time attendees or past attendees needing a refresher of the core content. There will be no breakout sessions, so for those who look forward to the breakout sessions each year, we encourage you to join the MBA in Publishing program, where you will be given access to over 60 breakout sessions from past conferences.

Please note the Las Vegas Conference will be covering Beyond the Basics of Publishing & Build Your Book Business, while the Columbus Conference will be covering Make a Living as a Writer.  We welcome you to attend both conferences if possible, as each will be covering different content.  But each conference is a stand alone conference. 



Regardless of which path to publication you have chosen or if you have literary representation, your book is YOUR business. So, this conference is for you no matter which path to publishing you decide to take.

If your publishing success is just as important to you as your writing success, then instead of going to yet another writing conference, don’t you think it’s time you attend a publishing conference?

If the business/publishing company you build with your book to create multiple streams of income is just as important to you as book sales and royalties, then instead of going to another one of those “fun” conferences designed to give readers an experience with authors, don’t you think it’s time you attend a conference that can teach you how to make money as a an author/publisher or writer outside of book sales and royalties, as well as learn how to publish a book that will give readers an experience within itself?


Are you ready to learn how to operate your literary business in thriving excellence and not mediocre struggle and lack?  If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then we’ll see you at the “Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business" Conference!

What Information is Being Provided?

In Las Vegas we will cover, Building Your Book From the Ground Up (step-by step instruction of the publishing process) & Building Your Literary Business from the Ground Up (teaching authors/publishers and writers how they should be operating as a business).

In Columbus we will cover Turning Your Book Into a Profitable Business (teaching authors/publishers and writers how to earn money beyond book sales and publications by creating multiple streams of cohesive literary income).

An author's book is the vehicle they put on the road for their literary journey. On Day One of the Las Vegas Conference, we help you build your dream car.


Step-by-step instruction on how to publish a book without missing a beat! Even if you have already published before, we can guarantee that there is a step or two (or even a few) you missed along the process. Don't you want to go back and get it right? After all, when we know better, we should do better. Come learn exactly what you need to do better.

If there was a pothole on your path to publishing you were stuck in, delaying you from reaching your literary goals, wouldn't you want the resources necessary to fill-in that pothole and get your vehicle (book) back on the road toward literary success? If so, then Day One of the conference is a must for you.

Day One will cover all five aspects of the publishing process:


-Plus a bonus aspect very few conferences cover




Writing books can be a passion, hobby, even a ministry, but selling books is a business.

Instruction will be all about building your literary/publishing business. Even if you haven't built your book yet, knowing what is required of you as an author/publisher is not something that you want to take lightly. The last thing you want to do is spend time, money, and energy building your dream book and literary business, only for Uncle Sam to come along and not only crush your business, but crush your dreams as well.

On Day Two you will learn about:
-Incorporating (or “doing business as”)
-Naming your book business/publishing imprint or company
-Separating business from personal
-Tracking income/expenses
Businesses don't make money, people do. As an author/publisher or writer, it's your job to earn the money to sustain your literary business and keep it thriving.

COLUMBUS One-Day Conference

For any serious author/publisher or writer who is ready to take their literary business/career to the next level. If you're ready to generate multiple streams of income as an author/publisher or writer to keep your business thriving, then you definitely don’t want to miss this session.

At this one-day conference you will learn:

-How to turn your book/writing into a business
-How to make money beyond book sales
-How to get other people to pay for your business endeavors
-How to secure paid writing gigs
-How to get grants and sponsors
-Professional titles you wear besides “author/publisher/writer”
-How to increase book sales without directly selling books
-How to make money from content you write outside of books

Who is this conference for besides authors/publishers and writers?


If you are any type of entrepreneur/business owner you should have a book, workbook, journal, planner, manual, how-to guide—some type of publication to extend your reach and help you claim your expert status—this conference is for you! A book should be part of every business.

Every professional speaker needs an extension of their message. How many times did you finish speaking and the audience asked you where they can purchase your book . . . and you didn't have one? Why are you not only leaving money on the table, but leaving an audience that you can continue to help with nothing?

YouTubers and bloggers, isn’t’ it time you share your skills and know-how in print beyond the internet? Ready to extend your reach from the cyber world to the real world? Then this conference is definitely for you as well.

Don’t want to publish your own story but want to help publish others’? We can provide you the information, resources, and services needed to become a publisher/publishing imprint/small press.

Pastors, preachers, ministers, and apostles: Your morning message should still have life come the next day . . . and the day after that. It should be able to reach those outside the church walls. Where is your publication? If you don't have one, at the conference you'll learn how to turn your messages into a publication that can reach the masses. Do you already have a publication and it's not reaching the masses, we can help you fix that too.

Along your life's journey, whether you did everything wrong or everything right, there is something you can teach/share with others. There is something inside of you that can change, alter, and save someone else's life. You have someone else's portion inside of you. And as long as you keep it to yourself--as long as you keep it inside of you--you are starving them. It's time you feed the people.



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Danielle red carpet.jpg

“Before I returned home from the 'Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business' 2019 Conference, I was asked to present a film workshop in Atlanta. I agreed, and was then given the dates with the promise of an email to follow that would provide further details. I received and opened the email, read it, and then closed it. I did this three times, checking the name to make sure it was not spam. I'd just received my first full paid gig; flight, hotel, ground transportation, table to sale merch, and an honorarium!!!! We are more than authors! We are a Big Deal! Thank you Joylynn Ross for teaching us how to get those coins with (and how to protect) our intellectual property!”


Danielle D. Smith, Award-Winning Author and Filmmaker, Columbus, Ohio

Rhonda head shot.jpg

"I am getting so excited about the “Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business” Conference. I will be there Wednesday night ready to start on Thursday! I can't wait to learn so many new things and put them to practice. Even though I have two published books, I have been taken advantage of and I'm ready to learn how to build up my defenses and become an author with the business side in me.”


—Author Rhonda Gatlin, Boulder City, Nevada

Danielle red carpet.jpg

"Path To Publishing doesn’t offer discounts for the conference because they don’t offer a discount experience!" 


—Gerald W Jones II, Certified Professional in Learning & Performance, Omaha, Nebraska

Gerald head shot.jpg
joy and Yvette.jpg

“I met Amanda Stevens, a presenter at the 2019 ‘Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business Conference’. I reached out to her after the conference, and she has been so responsive and helpful. With her help, I am forming my LLC and applying for my business license. Joylynn Ross, your words resonated with me: ‘This is a real business. Don’t start small.’ I am doing what you told me to do.”


—Yvette Duran, Personal Narrative Expert, Irvin, California


"For seven years I used my own money to build my publishing business. SEVEN!! I attended the 'Act Like an Author, Think like a Business' Conference in Vegas two years in a row and learned how to make money from my books before they're even printed. All you have to do is do the work! With that being said, I received notification today that I'm a recipient for a $4K grant to pay for editing and other publishing services!!!"


—Nikki Anthony, Soon-to-be published author, Chicago, Illinois

Danielle red carpet.jpg

“I just got back from a wild ride at the 2019 ‘Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business’ Conference and it was fantastic! I not only had a great time, but I made some great new contacts and reinforced ones I'd made last year. Main instructor, Joylynn M. Ross, was magnificent in presenting—in just three days—everything you need to know about publishing and making money from your writing. Got me inspired!” 


—Ned Barnett, CEO of Barnett Marketing Communications, Las Vegas, Nevada 

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