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What's Keeping You Up at Night?

What gets the team at Path To Publishing up in the morning is the desire and determination to solve the problems that keep our clients up at night. The main problem our clients, aka Pathfinders, face is not knowing where to start or what next steps to take in the writing and publishing process.

Path To Publishing solves that problem by helping our clients get started and coaching them through their next steps depending on where they currently are on their literary journey, but we also help them finish--the finish line being writing and publishing success.

Another problem we solve is the frustration many feel when it comes to learning the publishing process, not to mention how long it can take when trying to knock out these tasks on their own. We solve that problem by delivering to them on a silver platter the publishing blueprint that equips and empowers them with all the tools, information, and resources they need to achieve their literary dreams, visions, and goals, which shortens their learning curve tremendously!

Several Pathfinders run into the problem of not having a team or the right team to help them execute the tasks needed to write and publish their books. With our team of literary professionals and industry experts, aka Literary Companions, the Path To Publishing Team is our clients' team.

When all of our clients' problems are solved, this gets results, which enables Pathfinders to achieve their personal measure of both literary and financial literary success.

Specifically, the top three results most Pathfinders desire to achieve--and do as a result of working with us or utilizing our resources and curriculum--are the following:

1) Increase book sales 2) Catapult their literary career 3) Create multiple streams of cohesive literary income

We serve, on average, 200 clients per year, and each one who implements and executes the systems and strategies we teach them is able to check more items off their literary bucket list than they could have without allowing the experts at Path To Publishing to chauffeur them along their literary journey.

  • Monique Chandler sold more books within the three months of working with Path To Publishing than she had in the entire two years her book had been published.

  • Rhonda Gaitlin sold more of her self-published children's books at a single book signing than the average self-published authors of children's books sell in the lifetime of the book.

  • Stephanie Bridges went from published author to the CEO of a six-figure literary business after learning from Path To Publishing how to turn her books into a literary empire.

  • Dr. Norma Mclauchlin built a literary legacy with her boutique publishing company, Chosen Pen Publishing, responsible for several of her authors reaching international best-selling author status, not to mention she positioned herself to be deemed an expert storyteller and was tapped to give a TEDx Talk in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Now that you know what Path To Publishing can and will do for you, how would you like to proceed in working with us to assist you in achieving your measure of writing and publishing success?

One thing you can do is visit our scheduling link at and choose the free 15-minute literary consulting call option to introduce us to you, your projects, your goals for you as an author as well as for your book, so that we can better determine how we can assist you with both your immediate needs and your long-term goals.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your measure of literary and financial literary success!

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