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No More Personal Social Media for Me

Joylynn Ross, CEO and Founder of Path To Publishing, at the computer
Saying goodbye to personal social media

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I will no longer be active on any of my personal social media accounts. We are moving toward a direction and transition with Path To Publishing and Path To Connections that it's more effective to focus on the corporate/company/business brand versus my personal brand. My time will be better served and invested making live, in-person connections with potential corporate contacts, government contacts, non-profit contacts, and contacts from other organizations and associations. 

No worries. All business social media accounts will remain active and live, and will have a more personal and humanized touch now, highlighting and sharing work, wins, and interviews from team members as well as Pathfinders.

I've actually stayed on social media with my personal accounts a year longer than I was supposed to, but it's time for nothing but obedience.

So, moving forward in 2024, please follow, share, tag, post comments, etc. on the company/business social media accounts versus my personal ones.

Wishing everyone a productive and prosperous New Year.


Joylynn M. Ross

CEO of Path To Publishing

Co-Founder of Path To Connections

P.S. Although it had already been determined between myself and my administrative assistant that my personal social media accounts would receive their final post on 12/31/2023, we drafted it a couple of weeks ago, this landed in my in-box this morning as final confirmation for me.


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