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A Look at Recognizing Monthly Holidays & Awareness

If you've followed Path To Publishing's newsletter and/or social media for any length of time, you'll have seen us talk about how diversity, equity, and inclusion are baked into the DNA of our business. So, it should be no surprise how we make it part of our mission to be aware of the different DEI, medical, and multi-religious/secular holidays and awareness days/weeks/months that take place each and every month.

Pulling "raw" data from a variety of lists, we combine and curate to a list that we believe may have the most connections to our clients and followers. From that list, the team considers each one and determines one or two that we want to highlight for that month and how we can connect it to our own mission or a specific project.

For example, PTP Press--the traditional publishing imprint of Path To Publishing--is launching its first title, The Price We Pay by Nikki T. Anthony, on September 12, 2023. Instead of just saying, "Hey, world, we have a book releasing September 12, 2023," we try to connect it with a topic or theme so that we become a resource by sharing several related resources, which will happen to include our book.

This month, we've decided to share our full list with you. We want you to review it, take it in, and acknowledge the different things being highlighted this month. Then we challenge you to write a blog, article, or even just a social media post connecting your book, product, service, or business with it.

Tag us @PathToPublishing. We'd love to invest the time to read your content the same way you are reading ours.

You can find September's full list below!


  • Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th to October 15th)

  • Fourth Friday in September: National Native American Day (California and Nevada)


  • Blood Cancer Awareness Month

  • Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

  • Cholesterol Education Month

  • Food Safety Education Month

  • Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

  • Healthy Aging Month

  • National Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month

  • National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

  • National Cholesterol Education Month

  • National ITP (Platelet Disorder) Awareness Month

  • National Pediculosis Prevention Month/Head Lice Prevention Month

  • National Recovery Month

  • National Sickle Cell Month

  • National Yoga Awareness Month

  • Newborn Screening Awareness Month

  • Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

  • Pain Awareness Month

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Month

  • Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

  • Sepsis Awareness Month

  • Sexual Health Awareness Month

  • Sports Eye Safety Awareness Month

  • Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

  • World Alzheimer's Month

Weeks to Note:

  • September 10-16: National Suicide Prevention Week

  • September 10-16: National Folic Acid Awareness Week

  • September 9-13: Malnutrition Awareness Week

  • September 25-29: Global ITP Awareness Week

  • September 18-22: Falls Prevention Awareness Week

  • September 18-22: Fungal Disease Awareness Week

  • September 18-24: National Rehabilitation Awareness Week

Days to Note:

  • September 4: World Sexual Health Day

  • September 7: World Duchenne Awareness Day

  • September 10: World Suicide Prevention Day

  • September 13: World Sepsis Day

  • September 13: National Celiac Disease Awareness Day

  • September 18: National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day

  • September 21: Get Ready for Flu Day

  • September 21: World Alzheimer’s Day

  • September 24: Sport Purple for Platelets Day

  • September 25: World Lung Day

  • September 26: Mesothelioma Awareness Day

  • September 28: World Rabies Day

  • September 29: National Women's Health and Fitness Day

  • September 29: World Heart Day

Religious & Secular Holidays

  • First Monday in September: Labor Day

  • September 6: Krishna Janmashtami (Jayanti) - Hindu - Celebrates Krishna's birthday, Vishnu's eighth incarnation on earth.

  • September 8: International Literacy Day

  • September 15-17: Rosh Hashanah - Jewish - Beginning of the Jewish New Year and first of the High Holy Days, which marks the beginning of a ten-day period of penitence and spiritual renewal.

  • September 17: Constitution Day & Citizenship Day - Commemorates the ratification of the United States Constitution in 1787. Also honors all who have become U.S. citizens.

  • September 19: Ganesh Chaturthi - Hindu - Celebrates the birthday of Ganesha, the elephant-deity.

  • September 23: Autumnal Equinox - Marks the first day of the season of fall. The sun shines nearly equally on both hemispheres when it's fall in the Northern Hemisphere and simultaneously spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • September 25: Yom Kippur - Jewish - The “Day of Atonement” marks the end of the Ten Days of Penitence that begin with Rosh Hashanah.

  • September 27: Mawlid Al-Nabi (Also known as Milad Al-Nabi) - Islamic (Sunni) - The observance of the birthday of Islam founder Prophet Muhammad, which is celebrated in Rabi' al-awwal, the third month in the Islamic calendar. Shi'a Muslims celebrate it five days later than Sunni Muslims.

  • September 29-October 6: Sukkot - Jewish - The week-long “Feast of Booths” commemorates the 40-year wandering of the Israelites in the desert on the way to the Promised Land.


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