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Helping Youth Speak Up on International Youth Day

Celebrating the Youth of the World

According to the United Nations, over half of the population of the world is under the age of thirty. That number is projected to reach 57% by 2030. Youth ages 15 to 17 are the most optimistic about a better future, and many are eager to help improve their communities, society, and the world, but they struggle to be seen, heard, and taken seriously. The UN Youth Envoy wants to change that.

Today—August 12th—is International Youth Day, and Amina Mohammed, UN Deputy Secretary-General, summarizes why this day—and the focus it represents on seeing, hearing, and supporting the world’s young voices—is so important. “They’re bold. They’re smart. They’re driven. Young people are at the forefront of innovation and lasting change.”

This struggle—against not being seen or heard and in wanting to be an agent of change for a better future—is at the forefront of the conflict for young Zenetta Henchman in The Price We Pay—our traditional publishing imprint’s first release on September 12, 2023.

Navigating racial turmoil in her hometown alongside the regular difficulties of adolescence—parents who don’t seem to realize she’s not a little child anymore, school bullies—Zenetta must find her way and learn the prices paid for the choices she makes, for speaking up and for not speaking up.

Nikki T. Anthony brings authenticity to Zenetta’s voice with her own experiences growing up as a Black woman in America, bringing readers inside Zenetta’s struggles as she tries to move forward and grow up in a racially divided world.

You can pre-order The Price We Pay now at Amazon, and you can visit the UN Youth Envoy website to learn more about helping youth speak up in our modern-day world.

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