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Recognizing National Disability Independence Day

If we had to define who Path To Publishing is in one word, it would be access. Because we feel everyone deserves access to the tools, information, and resources needed to tell their stories, share their testimonies, and deliver their messages, we make it our mission to be the vehicle to provide such...regardless of a person's abilities or disabilities.

On July 26, 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed into law. It was a historic moment where certain rights were recognized by law for Americans with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. Instead of considering the disabled to be something better out of sight and out of mind, legislation was passed to recognize the importance of accommodation and inclusion to assure independence for disabled Americans. This year marks the thirty-second anniversary of the passing of the landmark bill that prohibited discrimination against people with disabilities, further guaranteeing their access to education, transportation, employment, and other services.

It's a moment to remember and a day to celebrate, because everyone deserves to be included, to live with independence and dignity.

"A single book may not be for everyone, but the ability to write and publish one is." - Joylynn M. Ross, CEO of Path To Publishing

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