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REAL and PRACTICAL Ways to Become an Amazon Bestselling Author

Candice "Ordered Steps" Johnson is part of the writing team for the Path To Publishing Members Only website. She writes binge-worthy books that inspire, entertain, and bring the spirit of God alive!

Candice is also an Amazon Bestselling author . . . twice . . . and, yes, we're absolutely counting!

As an indie author, Candice released TWO Amazon Bestsellers in a four-month span. Her books, Only Tithes Will Tell and Catching Feelings for Christmas, weren't free on Amazon and they weren't 99 cents.

If you're wondering how Candice achieved bestselling author status (aside from having an amazing editor), she shares a few of the methods she used below:#1 - EARLY promotion! I was teased for promoting MONTHS in advance. I figured if that worked for traditional publishers, it would work for me. And it did! I shared my cover and title wherever I could, went live on social media, and even put the book cover on a T-shirt. Seriously. It's a conversation starter.

#2 - ENGAGE! I don't drop my book and run. I love engaging with readers. Remember, you're selling YOU more than you're selling your book. If readers feel welcomed on your page, they'll feel welcomed in the world you create.

#3 - A ROCKING title! My titles literally sell my books. Make them catchy, unique, and RELEVANT.

#4 - COVERS! My covers are simple, clean, and relatable. And my full name is on each one.

#5 - I post more than my books. Encouragement, inspiration, and humor. By being me, people visit my page because I'm not "selling." I'm interacting. And I've gained new readers because of it.

"This is just the STARTING point of what works for me. I'm still learning, growing, and striving . . . but I'm also SELLING. And that counts. I encourage you to do the same. It CAN be done. Don't just write your book, BIRTH IT!"

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04 oct 2021

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