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Information Should Be Accessible for All Learners

Everyone is different, and everyone learns best in different ways. When it comes to the style of media for teaching and learning, there are four basic types:

  • The Visual Learner

  • The Auditory Learner

  • The Reading/Writing Learner

The Kinesthetic Learner The Visual Learner processes information and learns best by sight with written material and media such as charts, diagrams, maps, and illustrations. These visual clues help them retain information. The Auditory Learner processes information and learns best by hearing it. Spoken instructions and lessons will remain with them better than something that's written. It's easier for them to focus on a speaker delivering the information. The Reading/Writing Learner is most at ease with purely written materials, both reading it and taking notes. They may find audio and/or visual delivery to be distracting, and information delivered that way can be harder for them to retain. The Kinesthetic Learner tends toward more hands-on and movement based approaches, such as physically interacting with material or incorporating movement to help them retain what they've learned. Here at Path To Publishing, we don't want anyone to not be able to reap as many benefits as possible from our conferences and curriculum, so we've strived to make sure these are as accessible as possible for as many people as possible. Our conference content and curriculum is available in hard copy for reading/writing learners, and our audio-visual copies come in two versions that can work for both the auditory learner and the visual learner. You can choose the one where you see the slides as well as CEO and Founder Joylynn Ross discussing and instructing, which may also help the kinesthetic learner, or a version with just Joylynn's audio alongside the slides. Need ASL? You can contact us, and we can accommodate you. Information is at its best when it can be accessed by everyone in the way they learn it best, and that's something that Path To Publishing works hard to do.


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