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Get Published (Whether You're a Great Writer or Not)

How authors who can't write or aren't good writers still get published and make a great living without getting sued for plagiarism...

...and other secrets of the publishing industry.

80-90% of people want to write a book, but fewer than 3% of them ever will.

What stops them are all the myths they believe about writing books and the publishing industry.

Myths like...

* The person who publishes a book must be the same person who wrote the book. * Sharing a book idea is a good way to get it stolen. * Writing a book requires inspiration. * It takes a long time to write a great book. * There's no way to find out if a book idea is a good one until it's written. * People only want to read memoirs and autobiographies by big name celebrities. * Only people with a lot of money can afford to get someone to write their story for them.

Let's bust these myths!

* Ghostwriting is a common and industry-accepted practice of hiring a talented writer and paying them to do the actual work of writing the book. * It is impossible to steal book ideas because they can't be legally protected with a copyright. Only completed works can be copyright protected. * Inspiration may get things started, but it's a lot like infatuation – commitment is what it takes to keep things going. * It's possible to write an entire 60,000-word book in a few days. The length of time it takes is determined by the amount of time the writer can invest. * There are plenty of ways to test a book idea before investing in writing it, and smart authors and publishers do research before committing resources to it. * Every person has a message inside them that someone out there is – perhaps literally – dying to hear. * There are plenty of ways to get other people to finance the writing of a book so that an author doesn't have to pay out of pocket to get it done.

Path To Publishing has more than two decades of experience in the publishing industry.

We know the insider secrets that most people don't.

We've acted as literary chauffeurs to hundreds of authors from every walk of life and stage of professional growth.

We've even guided authors who came to us with books that weren't selling, helping them to make a great living as an author.

Our services typically cost thousands of dollars and they are worth every penny.

The only people who don't make their money back and then some from the content we provide are those who don't do the work.

However, it is our goal to reach out to more people.

It is our goal to make the publishing industry accessible to people who otherwise might never have a chance to make their voice heard.

That's why our founder, Joylynn M. Ross, took her knowledge and expertise and packaged it into online courses that are recorded versions of her annual 3-day conference, “Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business.”

These courses reveal the truth about the publishing industry and what it takes to make a great living as an author. https://www.pathtopublishing. com/conferencestore

Don't take our word for it. Listen to what authors like Sheryl Green have to say:

"I'm an author and book coach and have been writing for 10 years now. 'Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business' caused me to see writing in an entirely different light. I've implemented many of the suggestions Joylynn made, and I've been really pleased with the results."—Sheryl Green, Author of Surviving to Thriving

Those who are ready to finally get that book written, published, and into the hands of readers can find these courses in Path To Publishing's Online Conference Store. https://www.pathtopublishing. com/conferencestore

***Course curriculum available in hard copy, digital, and audiovisual***

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