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Don’t Just ‘Get It Out There’

"Some aspiring authors just want to hurry up and write and publish a book to simply 'get it out there.' Serious authors want to write and publish a book the right way and keep it out there."

Oftentimes, when someone wants to publish a book, their biggest misconception is to think that a traditional publishing route will “get them out there.” What does that mean when you really stop to think about it? Does it mean getting the book out there? Does it mean getting the author’s name out there? Both?

What they often don’t realize is that whether they have a traditional publisher or self-publish, the job of getting them and their book out there will still ultimately come down to having to do it themselves.

Path To Publishing CEO and Founder, Joylynn M. Ross, has experience both as an author published with large publishers and as a literary agent working with them. She knows that some publishers might try to create a buzz for their authors and authors’ books early on in the writing and publishing process, while others will leave it entirely to the author.

Any publisher, though, will feed off the author’s passion to have a successful literary career and their willingness to work hard to get there. That attitude can encourage the publisher to invest more into the author.

"A book deal with a publishing house will provide an author with something very valuable, which is distribution," Joylynn added. "But when it comes to marketing and promotions, a traditionally-published author has to work just as hard as a self-published author."

We’re here to help you find your best path to publishing and learn how to walk it. To be sure which path to publishing is right for you, take our Your Path To Publishing Quiz by clicking here or the image below.


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