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Changes are Happening!


In our last email, we mentioned the Pathfinder Literary Academy. While we’ve talked about our Spring Forward in Abundance retreat coming up in April 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and our Fall Back in Love to Move Forward in Abundance conference Fall 2023 in Paris, France, we want to reassure you that our flagship program--the Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business Conference--is still taking place, but the dates for the Las Vegas event are moving from fall to Summer 2023. And in October 2023, it will be in Columbus, Ohio.

We have special plans for the conference this year and will be partnering with our own Pathfinder Extraordinaire, Danielle D. Smith’s Las Vegas Film, Author, & Photography Festival and Columbus Film Author, & Photography Festival to bring you an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience.

The 2023 conferences, however, will be focused on first-time attendees or past attendees needing a refresher of the core content. There will be no breakout sessions, so for those who look forward to the breakout sessions each year, we encourage you to join the MBA in Publishing program, where you will be given access to over 60 breakout sessions from past conferences.

Any breakout sessions you missed or weren’t able to attend in the past will be available to you

as part of your enrollment to the MBA in Publishing program. While the conference information has not yet been updated for 2023, we encourage you to check back frequently by visiting our website:

Those seeking to enroll in the MBA in Publishing program are encouraged to apply:​.

Please know that spaces are limited and go quickly. The program opens January 2023 and is in session for a full year with a culminating graduation ceremony.

Those who are not interested in repeating the conference or enrolling in the MBA in Publishing Program but would like to refresh their knowledge can purchase the online courses at:


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