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A Novel Approach to DEI in Publishing

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

October is Global Diversity Awareness Month. And although at Path To Publishing we understand that diversity goes way beyond race (see our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Publishing video, with the recent reveal of our new traditional publishing imprint, PTP Press, and the first project we acquired, The Price We Pay by Nikki T. Anthony, we want to specifically address race in this newsletter.

Racial Divides are Growing in America. We Have a Novel Approach to the Problem.

"If you always do what you've always done, you always get what you've always gotten." – Jessie Porter, Woman to Woman Conference

According to a recent Gallup poll, 70% of the population of the United States reports being worried about race relations, and 68% reports being dissatisfied with the state of it.

While 60% of White Americans believe a solution will eventually be worked out, 59% of Black Americans have lost hope that things will improve.

It's clear that despite America's focus on racial healing for the past sixty years, many things still need to change. This kind of change is not something that can be legislated or mandated. It must begin with the heart and a sincere desire to connect with one another in a way that honors and recognizes the value our diverse viewpoints add to one another.

At Path To Publishing, diversity, equity, and inclusion are built into our DNA. It is the reason for our existence. Long before it became a corporate buzzword, we sought to bring greater diversity to the literary world by ensuring that a path to publishing was available for all voices, regardless of race, gender, economic status, color, creed, sexuality, religion, etc. We are perfectly aware that diversity goes beyond race, but for this particular book and campaign, race is the main focus.

As leaders in literary excellence, we recognize that change begins with us. We may not have created the problem between the races, but we can do our part to solve it. That's why we're launching a crowdfunding campaign designed to do just that, starting with what we know best: books.

When Nikki T. Anthony's manuscript for The Price We Pay came across our desk, we recognized it as a perfect opportunity to enact our plan to launch a movement to help bridge the gap between the races by encouraging and cultivating the kind of open, honest, and thoughtful discussions that lead to conversions of the heart and mind.

Discover more about our new book and our novel approach to opening the door to these sensitive conversations at While you're there, we encourage you to sign up to be notified when our crowdfunding campaign kicks off. Support the movement. #JoinTheConversation.


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