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Corporate Services & Offers

Branding & Messaging Clarity Sessions

20 hours of intense work to uncover the beating heart of your business and to find that irreplaceable spark that will set your ideal audience on fire with desire to work with you

Leaders & Executives Accountability Program (LEAP)

Accountability is key to achieving big goals & dreams, and Path To Publishing is here to support leaders & executives in developing strategies & holding them accountable for taking action.

Magnetic Thought Leadership Training & Mastermind

Put an end to departmental infighting, low morale, high turnover, and poor productivity - all while stressing less and getting more done with less effort. 

Copywriting Retainer Packages

Blogs, social media, email sequences, newsletters, landing pages, websites, Google ads, press releases, and articles, our copywriting retainers free up the time and energy of business owners so they can focus their attention on doing what they do best - making money for the company.

Titanium Executive Launch Program

A more modest version of the Platinum VIP Launch program at half the cost, it still provides a firm foundation of strategy, accountability, leadership, and mindset training along with the tactical support of PR, marketing, and more.

VIP Boost Strategy Sessions

One-on-one sessions to help our VIP clients develop a winning strategy that will take their business to the next level.  These begin with an hour-long intake call, a 4-hour virtual or in-person workshop & follow-up support.

LEAP Mastermind

Our mastermind program offers the ability for Leaders & Executives to work together as a community to achieve bigger goals and dreams than they could possibly achieve on their own in a supportive environment. 

VIP Launch Market Research

Market research, including online surveys and focus groups, to help companies position their brand, product, or service in a crowded market place. These in-depth reports will identify opportunities in the market to increase revenue and accelerate growth.

Graphic Design Retainer Packages

Our expert graphic designers will create branded graphics for social media, blogs, articles, flyers, business cards, newspaper ads, mailers, billboards, and more.  Retainers can be tailored to the needs of the company and scale with the company's demands.

Gold Executive Launch Program

This package is ideal for the lean startup who is looking for support but isn't ready for the intense nature of the Platinum or Titanium packages. It includes the basics of strategy, accountability, and leadership training alongside branding, marketing, and a limited amount of PR & paid media advertising support.

VIP Boost Camps

These intense group strategy-building sessions are designed to help participants discover what's standing between them and their goals, work together to develop a strategy, and take concrete action toward implementation.

LEAPS Corporate Retreats

Leadership, Execution, Accountability, Progress, and Strategy are the focus of our corporate retreat programs. We work with teams of sizes from 3-36 put together a retreat that will help your company take LEAPS to the next level.

Repositioning/Rebranding PR Campaign Package

Strategic pivots are the key to a company's long-term growth and survival in uncertain times.This package includes a research-backed PR campaign combined with everything needed to breathe new life into an old brand.

Platinum VIP Launch

Put our team of experts at your disposal as we work together to launch your business or rebranding effort with everything needed for a successful launch of any brand, product, or service - including the strategy, accountability, leadership, and mindset training needed alongside the marketing, PR, paid advertising, and branding.

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