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"When people aren't ready to work with you . . . get them ready"

Joylynn M. Ross, CEO & Founder of Path To Publishing

There are people out there who just aren't ready to work with you . . . not quite yet, anyway. But that doesn't mean they never will be.

Even though you may encounter individuals who aren't in a position to reap the best benefits possible from your services, programs, and products, that doesn't mean you can't nurture and educate them to the point of readiness. You have that ability by providing content in newsletters, blogs, social media posts, live videos, webinars, podcasts, etc. that will prep them and provide them the tools needed to ultimately work with you.

I always look at this two ways:

There are the people who are ready to work with me now. I can sell them the car that's going to put them on the road toward success.

There are the people who are not ready to work with me now, but who I can get ready. I can allow them to test drive the car and even chauffeur them around the block a few times.

When I purchased my Cadillac Escalade a couple years ago, I didn't even test drive it. I knew how to drive one of those big bodies because I'd been driving Cadillacs for over 15 years. I went to that car lot with intentions. I knew exactly what I wanted to have achieved when I drove away from the dealership that day. And even though the salesman tried to show me this and show me that; talk me into this instead of that and so forth, I didn't budge from working toward the results I wanted. I was ready!

Now, when I'd purchased my first Escalade several years back, I test drove it first. I was going from driving a small, older model Toyota Corolla to what felt like a Mack truck! I was nervous and scared, to the point where I even made the salesman drive it first; chauffeuring me around the lot a few times until I felt ready to take the wheel and hop on the road myself.

So, think of you sharing amazing content (free or discounted beginner programs) as giving people the chance to not only test drive what it is you do and offer, but an opportunity for you to chauffeur them into readiness, ultimately getting them to their final destination of success!

We get you ready for the Path To Publishing "Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business" 2020 Conference by (immediately upon conference registration) giving you access to the Path To Publishing private Facebook group, which makes up a community of Pathfinders; literary artists and literary entertainers who are intentional about achieving their goals. With the main conference instructors and expert presenters inside the group, we prep and nurture attendees before the conference, and long after the conference is over. 

We apologize that the conference registration payment plan options were accidentally removed from the conference website when the early bird registration was taken down. They have since been put back up. You can now either pay for the conference in full, or make a deposit with monthly payment options until paid in full. Visit the conference website now to set up your payment plan or pay in full. 

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