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We are not allowing the "C-word" to change our core message, which is you should be sharing yours.

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Certainly you've been receiving posts, emails, blogs, podcasts, and articles left and right giving tips and

advice on some of the things you can be doing during this time of social distancing and this time when some of your only means of income has been abruptly cut off.

Path To Publishing is choosing to stick with its core message we've been expressing for years, and that's the fact that we all have a story, message, thought, idea, system, strategy, technique, etc., inside of us that we could be and should be sharing with the world. One that we can not only monetize, but one in which we can make the foundation of which we can build multiple streams of income upon.

Your thought, your idea, and your concept is your intellectual property. They can take your house, they can take your car, they can take your clothes, they can even take your 9 to 5. But if you understood the value of your intellectual property, learned how to monetize it, and learned how to protect it, you can better avoid being broke.

Just earlier this week Path To Publishing CEO and Founder, Joylynn M. Ross, shared on her personal Facebook account that, no, she doesn't believe everyone should go out and quit their job or stop looking for a job. Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur or business owner. But what every person should do is take that gift, skill, and talent they've been blessed with and turn it into a business, even if it's only a side gig. Because side gigs have been known to turn into full out businesses . . . even empires! Path To Publishing has helped countless authors do that with their books; turn them into businesses. Learn what we've taught other authors in our online courses, "Beyond the Basics of Self-Publishing", "Build Your Book Business" and "Make a Living as a Writer". You can purchase the courses separately or save money by purchasing the three-course bundle at

There is no better time than now to take full control of your financial security and future while at the same time leaving a legacy with your written words.

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