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Turn Your Book Into a 6-Figure Business

From one of the first individuals to register for our inaugural Path To Publishing "Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business" 2018 conference, from an expert presenter at the conference, from a guest instructor for our MBA in Publishing Program, to a Path To Publishing Grant Consulting Companion, in 2020, Path To Publishing was beyond honored and blessed to call Stephanie Bridges Path To Publishing’s official grant writer. Within a year, Stephanie was in demand from large corporations and organizations. Although she could no longer serve as PTP’s official grant writer, she has remained our official grant consultant.

We watched Stephanie leave the 2018 conference empowered, inspired, and incited to write and publish a book on the subject she taught about: securing artist grants. As a matter of fact, a grant paid for Stephanie to attend the 2018 conference. That very next year, several 2018 attendees took the information Stephanie taught them and returned to the 2019 conference using grant money they received after implementing and executing the systems and strategies Stephanie equipped them with. Stephanie returned to the 2019 conference as well, where she received the Path To Publishing Excellence in Publishing Author of the Year Award.

Others have been able to pay for the writing and publishing of their books as well as build their literary business thanks to Stephanie's expertise and resources. Stephanie’s book, Seeking and Securing Individual Artist Grants and Other Funding, is now a required read for the Path To Publishing MBA in Publishing program. Stephanie started her own in-person and online community, expanding her platform as both an author and a Grant Expert.

Path To Publishing teaches separating the craft and art of being a writer and author from the business of writing and publishing. This is why we couldn’t have decided to work with anyone other than Stephanie, who has been through Path To Publishing’s courses and understands the importance of authors not only separating business from personal, but from artist and business when it comes to securing funding. This is why, to date, Stephanie has been able to help Pathfinders secure thousands and thousands of dollars in both artist grants (for authors/writers) and business grants (for the authors’ and writers’ publishing businesses, gig and freelance endeavors, etc.).

Lovingly known in the Path To Publishing community as “The Get Money Expert,” Stephanie R. Bridges is the epitome of how far you can soar as a Pathfinder when you take the tools, information, and resources we offer at our annual conference and in our curriculum and courses and are intentional about making them work for you.

Register for the 2022 conference now by visiting walk away with your own powerful, life-changing testimonial . . . in addition to the tools, information, and resources you need to achieve your personal measure of literary and financial literary success.

But don't just take our word on how crucial this conference can be when it comes to successfully building your literary legacy and empire, watch the video below and let Stephanie tell you herself:

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