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PTP Literary Companion Recognized as an Inspirational Woman in Literature

After being recognized in 2022 as a Stand-Out Literary Ambassador, Path To Publishing’s very own Brandy M. Miller, and her remarkable work, is being recognized again with the And I Thought Ladies’ Inspirational Woman in Literature Award.

The award was given in recognition of Brandy's six years of service as the editor of their 25 Hottest Indies Magazine in addition to her work as the editor for their bi-annual And I Thought Literary Magazine.

This award further recognizes what we have known all along. Brandy is one of Path To Publishing’s most sought-after Literary Companions, and authors—at all points in their literary careers—come to PTP to work with her.

Her excellence and service in this area landed her a position on Path To Publishing’s Board of Directors a few months after the fifth annual Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business Conference, and she also holds a position as Acquisitions Editor for our traditional publishing imprint, PTP Press, where she has been pivotal in crafting the message and marketing campaign for PTP Press’s debut novel, The Price We Pay by Nikki T. Anthony.

We are excited by Brandy’s success and how those outside our PTP family are recognizing it as well, and we invite you to celebrate with us.

Take time to visit and navigate the Path To Publishing website at to learn more about Brandy Miller, Path To Publishing, and all our wonderful Literary Companions and services that can help you along your own path to writing and publishing success.

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