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Path To Publishing Turns 21!

On 12/21/21, Path To Publishing CEO, Joylynn M. Ross, had a vision that she wanted to self-publish her books. And she did, incorporating a company with which to publish her books under. Some of her books were ultimately picked up by major publishing houses and translated to other languages.

But then God took her vision for the company and multiplied it 100-fold to the point that it wouldn't be used just to self-publish Joylynn's books, but it would help other people write, publish, distribute, and sell their books; not just self-publish, but assist them along their journey to publishing success regardless of which path to publishing they chose.

Ever since, Joylynn and Path To Publishing's clients have landed book deals with major publishing houses as well as indie publishers with distribution deals with major publishers. Have secured literary agent representation. Have self-published books that have brought them more success than some authors with traditionally published books. Have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to help with the writing and publication of their books. Have turned their books into businesses, literary legacies, and literary empires. Have had their books optioned for as well as turned into films. For the next few months, Path To Publishing will be individually sharing some of those testimonies across their social media platforms.

But for now, on 12/21/21, End of the Rainbow Projects, Inc., DBA Path To Publishing celebrates its 21st birthday!

We want to thank every single Pathfinder who trusted us with your story; every Path To Publishing Literary Companion who has used your expertise and skills to help our clients reach their literary dreams, visions, and goals; every board member; every advisory board member; every member of the Path To Publishing team and family; and to those whom have supported our literary endeavors and initiatives from day one of this journey.

As Path To Publishing plans to continue to help writers, authors, creatives, and even the self-proclaimed non-writers (because you don't have to be a writer to be the author of your own story) share their stories, testimonies, and messages with the world, you can help by contributing to our plight and the success of another 21 years. Click Here to celebrate and support our vision and mission to make a change and an impact in the literary industry and publishing world.

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