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How Banks Can Prevent A Commercial Real Estate Market Collapse

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

I was watching YouTube videos the other morning discussing the coming collapse of the commercial real estate market. While the impact of such a collapse is likely to hit banks hardest, I knew it wouldn't stop there.

What Impacts Banks Impacts Us All

Our entire economy relies on the banking industry. Their struggle is our struggle.

So I asked myself, what could Path To Publishing do to help prevent banks from such a calamity?

Writing A Creative Strategy

I treated the banking crisis like I would the start of a compelling novel. At the beginning of any novel, the hero faces a problem where the odds are stacked against them. In fact, there are far more chances for defeat than victory and the villain seems to have the upper hand. It's the job of the writer to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and put that hero in position to win the day.

Many view banks as the villain of the economic crisis. I wanted the banks to come out the hero of the story.

My 5-Point Strategy

  1. Banks create deals where commercial lenders get to pause payments for eighteen months and extend their loan without added interest in exchange for making one-year leases of office space available at no cost to small business startups.

  2. Offer these free one-year leases to small businesses who start business checking and savings accounts with the bank that holds the loan.

  3. Partner with the power companies, phone companies, and internet service providers to encourage them to agree to sponsor each small business owner that signs up for a year so the commercial real estate holder doesn't need to worry about paying those bills. This becomes a marketing expense for the power, phone, and internet service providers and buys them good will with a small business today who may become a very big business someday.

  4. Partner with the SBDC and SCORE to mentor the small businesses that take advantage of the offer.

  5. Work with Community Outreach programs and bring Path To Publishing in to teach workshops on "Turning Problems into Profits" where we will help them identify commercially viable business ideas based on past problems they've experienced but learned how to solve so that they already have the knowledge, skills, and training needed to launch the business and just need the guidance to put it together and promote it.

  6. Encourage local investors and those with significant financial holdings that would like to grow those to make #Mircoinvestments of $10,000 to those who successfully complete the "Turning Problems into Profits" workshops so they can purchase their business licenses, form legal entities, and get their marketing materials made. Set it up so that the investors get 10% of the profits made by each of these small businesses in perpetuity so they are incentivized to do everything in their power to ensure the small business succeeds.

This Plan Accomplishes Many Things

  1. It gets your bank established as one that genuinely cares about the people in the community - not just about the money in their accounts.

  2. It partners you with many people across the board and gives them a reason to work with you to accomplish the things they already want to do.

  3. It can save your commercial real estate holders from bankruptcy and help them turn their buildings into highly-profitable small business growth hubs that are in high demand.

  4. It brings in depositors to your bank who are pre-disposed to grow their accounts over a lifetime.

  5. It encourages those who right now may be struggling financially and draining the tax base to become an asset to it.

  6. 'It can start turning the economy in a positive direction.

You can get a copy of Turning Problems Into Profits, where I outline what it takes to start a business with nothing but a problem you already know how to solve, on Amazon. I also offer 8-hour workshops which can be customized with your branding.

About Author Brandy M. Miller

Brandy M. Miller is not only one of Path To Publishing’s top Verified Literary Companions and Consultants, but she is an international speaker and award-winning author and the founder of Breaking Open Abundance(TM). The program is designed to help participants tackle the mindset challenges standing between them and living a life of limitless abundance. It is based on her own journey through poverty’s desert wilderness to a place where she recognized the beauty of her journey and the value of the lessons she’d learned along the way. Now she passes on that wisdom and the secrets she uncovered to living a life of limitless abundance to businesses, organizations, and individuals who wish to experience limitless abundance as well.


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