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How Path To Publishing SCOREd During the Pandemic Shut-Down

Getting a business started, or getting it relocated — especially for a first-time entrepreneur — is a constant challenge. Worse, there is no easy roadmap to take you from where you are to where you need to be. Every time I needed answers I couldn’t easily find elsewhere, I turned to SCORE. They never let me down.

SCORE is a volunteer organization. Seasoned and retired business executives — through SCORE — willingly put their skills and expertise on the line for small — often start-up — companies like mine. I’ve always counted on those fine men and women who willingly gave me their time and expertise.

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Small Business Administration introduced me to SCORE, a referral I’ve never forgotten. To put it in perspective, my company’s first business plan — more than a decade ago — was based on a SCORE Template. It transformed me and my growing business facing an unimaginably difficult challenge, helping us to understand and embrace a straightforward, effective means of seeing what worked for us in the past, and anticipating what would work for us in the future.

I credit our growth as a start-up to the help SCORE gave me when I was trying to both run a business and figure out how to … you guessed it … run a business. More recently, I have to give a shout-out to SCORE for our ability to survive during and following the COVID Pandemic’s lockdown. When the pandemic struck — and worse from a business sense — when the lockdown began to crunch down on our small, but so far successful, business, I once again turned to SCORE. That positive response to COVID was one of the most decisive business decisions I’ve ever made.

Read more about how SCORE helped Joylynn M. Ross and Path To Publishing before, during, and after the Pandemic--and how they can help you--on Medium.


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