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Great LEADERS Communicate with CLARITY and CONSISTENCY

Great LEADERS Communicate with CLARITY and CONSISTENCY

Leading, being a part of, or moderating conversations -- especially difficult ones -- requires effective leadership, which begins with clarity around the vision. That vision then fuels the goals of the movement and directs the work being done to change the conversation.

For that reason, the leader must be able to clearly and effectively communicate:

  • Their vision of what life will be like if their mission is accomplished

  • The necessity driving that vision and the urgency of taking action now

  • The benefits awaiting those who contribute to turning that vision into a reality

  • The steps that must be taken in order to achieve the vision and accomplish the mission

For people to follow a leader, they have to know where they are going and what the benefits are of getting there. They also need to understand the risks they take in choosing to allow themselves to be left behind or of delaying their response to this call to action.

They must also see the benefits of putting in the work required in order for the vision to become a reality. Finally, they need to know what is expected of them and how to do it in order for them to take the actions that will help turn the vision into a reality.

If the leader doesn’t know these things or isn't clear about them, it leaves would-be followers without the motivation or direction needed to get on board with that leader's plans. This is why CLARITY is the first step for all great LEADERS.

Once CLARITY is achieved, CONSISTENCY is needed. Consistency in taking action, consistency in communicating about the vision, and consistency in the expectations for those who join the LEADERS in executing it are all important. It's what shows confidence, prevents confusion, and encourages others to commit to getting on board with what the leader is trying to achieve.

That's why Path To Publishing's Branding and Messaging Clarity Sessions are a must if you need to:

  • Create the right messages to use in communicating your vision

  • Learn how to treat those you lead into your movement

  • Build a community of like-minded individuals who will help hold you/one another accountable in setting/reaching goals

  • Support, encouragement, guidance and tools to continue making a difference

To request information about our Branding & Messaging Clarity Sessions, email or visit our scheduling link at to book a free 15-minute consulting call to discuss the different options. You can also learn more about this and our other programs and services for business owners and corporations by visiting our Path To Connections Corporate Services page at


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