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Great LEADERS Build Communities

A leader who recruits individuals has followers. Great LEADERS bring those followers together into a tight-knit community that supports and encourages one another. As a unit, they stand strong and continue working together to achieve the vision even when the leader isn't there to help guide them.

Weak leaders fear people communicating, connecting, and coming together. They fear what people will say about them when they're not there to control the conversations.

They fear that people will join together to oppose them. They fear communities rising up against them. That's why they encourage division and focus on differences, hoping to use those as a wedge to keep people apart.

Great leaders recognize and respect that there is strength in numbers. They actively work to bring people together and cultivate unity among those who follow them by celebrating diversity, integrity, and service. They encourage people to be their best and elevate those who strive to serve others rather than those who seek to be served.

As writers and authors, we often use our books as the vehicle to do just that, which makes us leaders. But very few writers and authors see themselves as the true leaders they are. They don't embrace that very much highly regarded and respected role, which prevents them from maximizing their message and impact they can have.

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