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Getting Readers versus Keeping Them

"Aspiring writers are only focused on getting readers/customers. Authors are focused on getting readers/customers AND keeping them."

When you publish your first book, it's normal to focus on getting new readers. Those first few months will likely include some form of book tour, which make for great opportunities to put you and your book in front of potential readers. The goal is to get as many as possible to purchase your book, so you can:

  • Make some type of best-selling list

  • Make back some of the money invested in publishing the book

  • Come out of the gate with great sales momentum

Like we said, this is pretty normal for a new author or a new book, and there's nothing wrong with it…so long you don't forget that, as an author, your focus can't just be on the new readers but on getting those readers and then keeping them.

Published authors that only focus on getting new readers have to repeat this entire cycle with every new book. It's like having to reinvent the wheel over and over, which isn't a terribly efficient use of your time.

Instead, make sure to foster a relationship with the readers you've already gained to turn them from a new reader to a loyal fan.

You can get that loyal reader to buy the same book in different formats. You can get that loyal reader to buy the same book for friends and family. You can get that loyal reader to take your book to company, family, and church functions via word of mouth.

If you'd like to work with a Path To Publishing Verified Literary Consultant to help you foster a reader-author connection past the first book buy, visit to sign up to work with one of our consultants.


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