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An Open Letter to Writers

This is an open letter from Path To Publishing to every writer who ever sat down at a keyboard and wondered, "Does it matter whether I finish this or not?"

The short answer: Yes.

Writing is a leadership position. Society may forget this, and the pay writers receive may not always reflect this, but it is true. The words a writer pens today won't just impact this generation. They will impact every generation to come afterward.

Today's generations are still reading the works of people who wrote their words more than 5,000 years ago. They are being influenced by those words and their lives are impacted by them.

We want to encourage writers to #JoinTheConversation and support Path To Publishing's mission to change the conversation around race relations. We'll do this using Nikki T. Anthony's book, The Price We Pay, a novel being published on our traditional publishing imprint, PTP Press. We want to leverage it to demonstrate the value of fiction and a writer's ability to make a difference with a book.

Our pledge to those writers who step up and join this movement is that our service will not stop when the book is delivered. We will be giving our supporters access to:

  • Magnetic Thought Leadership Training to equip them to lead these conversations in a way that creates an inviting, respectful space where all voices are recognized and seen as being of equal value.

  • Lessons in how to hold difficult conversations that are productive and meaningful where both sides feel respected and heard, yet challenged and encouraged to find room for compromise.

  • A Study Guide to navigating the challenges of discussing sensitive topics in an inter-racial community.

  • A community of like-minded individuals who are ready and willing to lend their support and encouragement along the way.

Along the way, we'll be demonstrating to you what is possible for you to achieve with your work if given the right support and backed by the right community. We are working to establish a publishing brand known for producing conversation starters that challenge the status quo and open the door to productive conversations around the issues that divide people.

Those writers who are members of our LEADERS community will be given preference when it comes time for us to review submissions.

To discover more about our plans for The Price We Pay, visit our crowdfunding campaign's pre-launch page at Those who sign up to #JoinTheConversation will not only be notified when the campaign kicks off, but will also receive an invitation to join our private LEADERS community.

And to learn more about our traditional publishing imprint, PTP Press, visit


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