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Get ready for your book!

Many authors, especially new ones, feel like they need to have their book completely written or mostly finished before they begin getting ready to launch it and make it successful. This is an understandable feeling, but the catch is that there is so much to get done and to have in place just so you can be ready for the release!

This includes things like a marketing plan, social media and website setup, promotional graphics and videos, biographies, author photos, and press releases. There’s the ISBN, barcode, your metadata. Press kit, business plan, review campaign plan…

There’s so much to do! This handful of items is barely the tip of the iceberg of all the puzzle pieces that need to be in place in order to form a pretty publishing picture—especially if you’re self-publishing.

Unfortunately, writers don’t realize that it takes more than one PDF, webinar, or book on self-publishing can teach them. Those are all great starting points, of course, but there is too much for any one thing to teach you. They’ll get you started on the path, but it’s still a long road.

It’s a road that we don’t believe anyone has to walk alone.

Path To Publishing believes in chauffeuring you to your destination. After all, if someone knows exactly where you need to go and how to get there, why wouldn't you want to jump in and ride shotgun?

We believe in not only teaching you how to publish but also teaching you how to be an author and how to turn your book into a business. Everyone needs to be in control of their own book business, whether they’re self-published or not. This is why Path To Publishing assists all authors, regardless of where they’re at in their literary journey or which path they choose for publishing their book.

If you’re starting to think there’s a lot left to figure out, you’re not alone. If you’ve already published but see there’s more you can do and you want to learn about it now, you’re not alone there either. That’s why we’re here to help.

You can get off to a great start by calling us for a free 15-minute literary consulting call or by visiting our conference store and purchase our curriculum: Beyond the Basics of Self-Publishing, Build Your Book Business, and Making a Living as a Writer.


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