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“5 Things to do while writing your book”

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

1. Create a book cover and stage a multi-media, social media (and in person) book cover “reveal”

2. Begin book pre-sales at least six months – and as much as a year – ahead of the book launch, and start selling your book now so that when you’re ready to launch, you can go to press (or focus on marketing) using OPM – Other People’s Money

3. Identify all plausible target audiences for the book – for example, is your lead character a coin or stamp collector, or an aficionado of “muscle cars” from the 60s? If so, each of those becomes one target audience

a. Identify at least ten Facebook Groups that reach one of your target audiences (the best bet would be to identify at least ten FBGs for each target audience)

b. Don’t forget alumni associations, churches, and civic groups you belong to

c. Don’t forget member or advocacy organizations tied in with a special interest in your book (such as numismatic clubs for that character who collects coins)

d. Use basic “social networking” skills to become known on that list as an active member

i. Let people know who you are

ii. Demonstrate how you and your book fit into their “group” universe

iii. Mention that you’re writing a book that’s tangential to their favorite topic

iv. Do NOT violate group rules by promoting your book’s sale

e. Identify real-world organizations that tie into your book (coin-collecting lead character could get you a speaking gig at a numismatic convention, etc.)

4. Build your platform

a. Create a periodic (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) free subscription newsletter

b. Create an attractive ‘freebie’ that fans and friends can sign up for (for free)

c. These two steps will allow you to basically create your own personal platform – this parallels the virtual platform you’ve created on Facebook Groups (above)

5. Create a detailed marketing and promotion plan for your book

a. Include a pre-launch beginning 6-12 months ahead of launch

b. Include a launch campaign that will build skyrocketing awareness among potential readers

i. Use social media

ii. Use news media – news, interviews (radio/TV/podcast)

iii. Leverage fans and followers to build buzz

c. Include a sustaining campaign to keep the book active and attractive for at least 6-12 months

d. Plan now to revise and re-launch a second (updated) edition of your book, to kick in when your monthly sales plateau

6. BONUS – Begin to plan out your launch party or parties

a. Target as many prospective buyers (not JUST family and friends) as you’ve identified (above)

b. Think creative – have more than one “topical” launch party if you can validly do that

Remember, don’t wait for your book to get ready, get ready for your book. Visit to learn how we can help prepare both you and your book for literary success!


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