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10 Reasons Why You Haven't Finished Writing Your Book

You know you want to get your book written. You’ve been telling yourself for months, possibly even years, that it needs to be done.

But it still doesn’t get written.

Below are 10 reasons why you haven’t finished writing your book:

  • You claim you don’t have the time

  • You can’t find or make the time

  • You don’t know how to use the time you have

  • You don’t know how to carve out a dedicated space for writing

  • There is no one holding you accountable

  • You have trouble getting your thoughts from your head to paper

  • It’s challenging to organize your thoughts (in your head or on paper)

  • You can’t write because you're trying to get everything right

  • You are your worst critic

  • You haven’t asked for the help you need

Week after week, you tell yourself you’ll work on writing your book. But you don’t. So, it remains just a dream. A nice, safe, comfortable dream that you sometimes talk about with friends or family.

Maybe you’ve even talked about it enough that they tease you about it. “How’s that book coming along?” And you have to admit that you haven’t made any more progress on it than you did when you first had the idea.

You keep promising yourself you’ll get to it. Someday. But someday never appears on the calendar, so the book doesn’t get written.

If that sounds like you, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. Plenty of writers are just like you. They know they have one or even multiple books in them – but the books aren’t getting written and they’re getting no closer to having their dream of writing it come true.

Path To Publishing Book Writing Coach, Brandy Miller, used to run a writers group. Many of the writers who attended that group were in that same boat, telling themselves they were going to finally write their book. But then Brandy started holding them accountable. She had them give her a specific target for the number of words or chapters they were going to get written over a specified period. They knew they were going to have to check in with her and provide an update.

Suddenly, they found themselves motivated and incited to get their writing done. They made it a priority in their life. And they had Brandy to thank for holding them accountable and guiding them along the writing process.

Brandy Miller, Path To Publishing Literary Companion (Book Writing Coach)

One woman who’d allowed a book that she’d been working on to languish for years got it done within a few months of working with Brandy, even though she had to use her cell phone to type it out on her lunch breaks because she didn’t have any other time to use.

She turned her dream into a reality that year and published her first book. More than half of Brandy’s regular attendees at her writers group got their books written!

Path To Publishing has worked with writers for years. We know the challenges writers face. And our Book Writing Coaches, such as Brandy, know how to get past them. Path To Publishing’s Book Writing Coaches know how to coach writers at all stages and help them find detours around their obstacles and solutions to their challenges.

Whether you’ve written one book, ten books, or have yet to pen your first, getting it written can be a challenge. That’s why Path To Publishing offers book writing coaching services with Master Writing Coaches like Brandy Miller to anyone who may need that extra boost.

The choice is up to you: Continue to struggle alone and maybe never finish writing your book, or get the help and accountability you need to succeed.

Email to request a free consulting call with one of our Book Writing Coaches.


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