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Your Journey to Literary Abundance

Breaking Open Abundance 16-Week Program

Abundance is your birthright! If it isn't currently flowing to you, it's not because you weren't meant to have it. It's because something is blocking you from all that you were intended to receive. Whether that blockage is showing up in the area of your creativity, finances, relationships, or business, the Breaking Open Abundance program will help you figure out where the blockage is and take you through a 16-step journey that will get you growing in the right direction to start living a life of limitless abundance.

The value of the program is priceless! And before we go one step further, if you feel money is the only thing stopping you from saying yes to the program, let us know the challenges you face and let us help you find a way forward where no way seems possible.

Each step is a 1:1 call with your Abundance Conductor, who will guide you through the exercises necessary to tap into what you have and how it can help you get what you need.

What You’ll Get:

  • Research and resources to connect you to your ideal audience

  • Guidance in putting together the right offer to appeal to your ideal audience

  • Assistance in formulating an elevator pitch to attract their attention

  • A pitch deck to use in explaining the value of your offer and why it’s worth giving you what you want in order to get that offer

  • A 100-page edited manuscript of your most powerful transformation story based on the 16 hours of work we’ve done together that you can use to attract more of your ideal audience and gain their support to do anything your heart desires to do

  • Assistance with securing at least one item on your list of things you need to live your life of limitless abundance

What The Program Involves:

Step 1: Setting Expectations for Abundance

We’ll start by exploring what your limitless abundant life will look like and what it is you believe is stopping you from being able to live that life. We'll also discuss how your expectations about what abundance means and how it will show up in your life can block you from being able to receive it, and what you can do to get out of your own way.

Step 2: Your Life’s Big Positives

This week, we’ll take a look at the things you’ve achieved, accomplished, been awarded or recognized for doing, along with the degrees and certifications you’ve earned, skills and knowledge you’ve gained, or experiences that you can leverage. We’ll also look at your fans, followers, supporters, team members, believers, and other assets you have to bring to the table to help you achieve that life of limitless abundance. We’ll also evaluate the value of those things so you’ll know what it is you have to offer and what that’s worth.

Step 3: Who Has What You Need or Want

We'll research the kinds of people and organizations that have what you need or want to bring into your life with limitless abundance, and what they lack or need that align with your positives. We’ll also be examining what they might need or want and what the value of those things are so you can determine how much value you need to bring to the table in order to attract their interest.

Step 4: Your Life’s Big Negatives

It’s time to examine all the things that might stop others from wanting to work with you so we can address those things and transform those problems into profitable opportunities that will benefit all parties involved. We’ll be looking at how you handled each negative, what you learned from it, and what positive transformations you were able to gain because of it.

Step 5: The Darkest Moment & What You Needed to Hear

We’ll look into those negatives to find the darkest moment when you felt like quitting on yourself or giving up on life. We’ll explore what it is you wish someone told you back then or what it is you needed to hear that no one else said to you so that you can include those words of wisdom in your offer to serve others.

Step 6: Your Big Reversal

During this week, we’ll explore that dark moment and what made you decide not to let the darkness overwhelm you. We’ll also examine how that decision changed things for you and led you to a more positive outcome.

Steps 7-11: Your 5 Biggest Challenges & How You Overcame Them

During the next 5 sessions, we’ll explore the 5 biggest challenges you faced on your journey past that dark moment and toward the positive life you’re living (or would like to live) today. Each week, we’ll discuss a single challenge, what steps you had to take to overcome it, what lessons you learned from it, and what you wish you’d known then that you do know now.

Step 12: Finding the Parallels

We’ll look at where your story of transformation connects to the story of the transformation your audience wants to achieve so we can put together an irresistible offer based on who they are and where they are now as well as what they are currently doing, and what you can help them do, have, become or be where they desire.

Step 13: Creating & Packaging Your Irresistible Offer

We’ll create your offer and explore the best ways to present it to your ideal audience, what they will find most meaningful, and how you can deliver it with your unique style and flair.

Step 14: Showing Up Ready to Serve

We’ll examine the power of showing up ready to serve, how that will help you get what you want with less effort and work, and the importance of truly caring about the outcome the person you serve receives based on your service. We’ll also talk about how important it is to deliver exceptional value each time you serve.

Step 15: Connecting with Your Ideal Audience

We’ll dive into the research needed to find out where your ideal audience spends most of their time, looking at: the organizations and groups they belong to, the churches they might attend, the causes or sports teams they support, the schools they’ve attended and the events where they’ll be. This way, we can map out a plan to connect with them so you can share your offer.

Step 16: Preparing to Pitch

During this call, we’ll get you ready with an elevator pitch, a pitch deck if appropriate, and the tools you need to show up as the right person for the job when the opportunity to speak with/present and pitch to your ideal audience presents itself. We’ll also discuss ways that you can use what you’ve learned to get in front of more people like them so you can get more of what you desire faster.

This is a 16-week program designed for us to meet weekly so that you can break open abundance sooner rather than later. Your program includes two reschedules. It’s designed for that dedicated and committed person ready to break open abundance and walk in their birthright now!

If you’re ready to get started, we encourage you to reply to this email with [Breaking Open Abundance] in the subject line, and we’ll be happy to send you an invoice.

Four Ways To Say Yes To Your Dreams!

Option 1: Pay in Full

Pay in full now by clicking here.

Remember, at Breaking Open Abundance there is always another way to say “yes” to your dreams. You don’t have to let money be your master, telling you what you can or can’t have anymore.

Option 2: Payment Plan

We can and do accept payment arrangements. You can pay as you can and we’ll start work once we’ve received at least half. You can make payments by purchasing non-refundable gift cards in any amount you choose. Those gift cards will then be put toward the total cost of your 16-week program.

Purchase gift cards by clicking here.

Option 2: Join Our Affiliate Program

We offer generous commissions of 20%. Find five friends who want to start living a life of limitless abundance and if they sign up, you get your 16-week coaching program at no cost.

Sign up for your affiliate link by clicking here.

Option 3: Join Our Group Program

A bargain at just $5,000, the group program features less hands-on help but still offers guidance and support in achieving your goals for the program. You’ll be able to join our weekly recorded group-coaching calls and listen in to any content you’ve missed.

Email with [GROUP ABUNDANCE PROGRAM] in the subject line.

Again, if you’re ready to say “yes” to your birthright of a life of abundance, then let’s get started. We’re ready and waiting for you!

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