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Path To Publishing CEO & Founder, honored to be a part of #1MillionBooksIn100Days...

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Path To Publishing CEO and Founder, Joylynn M. Ross, is honored to be a part of the #1MillionBooksIn100Days literary campaign and movement.

The campaign is the brainchild of James Kelly, host of "Aspects of Writing" radio show. James has arranged for one dollar from every book sold during this 100-day campaign to go to charity. During the launch of the campaign, James spoke with a representative from one of the designated charities, Society of St. Stephen. Their programs include a food pantry and clothing boutique, Helping Hand Up assistance, Blessing Bags for homeless, annual backpacks and gifts for school children, and a weekly Food Rescue distribution. It is a 100% volunteer ran organization. Three Square Food Bank is another designated charity.

In addition to having the honor of being a part of the campaign, Joylynn was blessed enough to be interviewed on "Aspects of Writing". Below is the transcript from the interview:

“Aspects of Writing” Interview October 20, 2020 at 2:30 p.m. PAC

Host Cynhia De Boer: “Welcome to Aspects of Writing. James Kelly is off today. My name is Cynthia De Boer and I will be co-hosting today with Temple Kinyon. Today, our guests are Susan Johnson, Annette Bentley Smith, and Joylynn M. Ross. Welcome ladies."

Joylynn M. Ross Interview:

Joylynn is the multi-genre author of Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business: Ways to Achieve Financial Literary Success. She is also another author on

Reader 5-Star Review: “I really enjoyed this literary resource and started implementing many of the strategies suggested before I was even halfway through the book. I recommend this to authors that are in ANY stage of their writing career, whether a novice or a veteran.”

Before we dive in, tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Joylynn M. Ross, writing as BLESSEDselling author E .N. Joy (and a few other names). I’m the CEO and founder of Path To Publishing, an author assistance company and literary service provider. I’ve written under several names and in multiple genres in my over 22-year literary industry career, but now my main focus is helping others with a story to tell, testimony to share, and message to deliver do just that. I do so, not only through Path To Publishing, but also through literary consulting, and as a publishing coach and literary educator.

As a writer, what prompted you to write about the business of being an author?

Five things, and I’ll keep them short and sweet:

One: I got tired of people thinking and actually believing that you can’t make money as a writer.

Two: That writers and authors had done everything within their power to make money as a writer.

Three: That the reason why you write is the same answer as the reason why you publish and sell and/or share your work.

Four: To shatter the myth that making money with your writing shouldn’t even be an option; that the humble and noble thing to say is, “I’d write whether I got paid to write or not.”

Lastly: To confirm and affirm that writing can be a love, hobby, passion, or even a ministry, but that publishing is a business. And while we may want to go into business to save the world with our message, it cost to move a message, and that, my friend, is the business side of both writing and publishing.

You’re a multi-genre author, can you tell us about your other books on

The Secret Olivia Told Me, written under the name N. Joy is a (Children’s book: received an American Library Association Coretta Scott King Honor for illustration; Scholastic Books acquired the book club rights; to date the book has sold over 100,000 copies)

World on My Shoulders, written under the name Joylynn M. Jossel (poetry)

And You Call Yourself a Christian, Lady of the House, and More Than I Can Bear, written under the name E. N. Joy – Everybody Needs Joy (Christian fiction and part of a 14-book series)

Dollar Bill, written under the name JOY (Urban lit: was translated to Japanese and appeared in Newsweek Magazine)

Do you have a favorite genre?

I’d have to say as a writer, my favorite genre is children’s, because it has a longer shelf-life and I have the opportunity to make an impact on individuals while they’re young.

Final question for before we let you go: Joylynn, do you have a favorite quote?

We often hear that you have to be passionate about writing if you want to publish a book. Or that you have to love writing. That’s not true. You don’t have to be passionate about writing or love writing. It’s the result and the impact your story, testimony, and message will have that you should love and be passionate about. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to write to publish a book. There are resources to help you tell your story, share your testimony, and deliver your message. Resources such as ghostwriters, book coaches, and editors. So, with that being said, one of my favorite quotes that I created and like to say is:

“You don’t’ have to be a writer to be the author of your own story.”

Thank you all for joining us today. I would like to take this opportunity to say what a unique opportunity is for indie authors. It’s a wonderful place to showcase multiple genres and to also help charities.

James Kelly - Host of "Aspects of Writing" radio show

You can listen to the full interview of each guests on any of the platforms below:

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