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“How to Publish and/or Build a Publishing Company”

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

by Joylynn M. Ross, Literary Consultant & Publishing Coach

So many authors spend a great deal of time writing their books, working with book coaches, editors, ghostwriters, and even attending writing conferences. Then, when all is said and written, they find themselves asking, “Now what?”

Path To Publishing is the answer to “Now what?”

With our publications, resources, curriculum, annual “Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business” Conference, online courses, and one-on-one consulting, we cover all four spectrums of being a service provider:

-We tell you how to do it

-We teach you how to do it

-We show you how to do it

-We’ll even do it for you by providing Literary Companions to assist you with all your literary needs

Allow Path To Publishing to chauffeur you toward literary and financial literary success, and you can start with our online course:

-Beyond the Basics of Self-Publishing

-Build Your Book Business

-Make a Living as a Writer

The three courses make up the literary blueprint you need to achieve both literary and financial literary success.

Whether you are traditionally published, self-published, a POD author, a hybrid author, or work with a collaborative publisher—even if you have agent representation—your book is your business. Path To Publishing will help you mind your business.

Visit and start learning how to build your book, build your book business, and how to create multiple streams of income to sustain your book business.


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