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Find Clarity in your Brand and Message

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Having a vision for what you want to create in your life, with your book, or in your business is the first step in attracting your dreams, ideal readers, or ideal clients. You must be clear on what that vision is so that you can relay it. Knowing how what you do will benefit others and why it matters to you that your (and their) dreams comes true, or the readers and clients are served, is what will magnetize that vision, causing it to attract those who need what you have to offer straight to your door.

In-person sessions will be held for three days in Las Vegas—or five for those desiring the VIP photo shoot and video/sizzle reel bonus, including hair, makeup, and brand styling.

Virtual sessions are a week long and done in 4-hour blocks throughout the work week, Monday – Friday, but they require that participants commit to being 100% distraction free during each session. You'll be getting one-on-one attention and support from Path To Publishing founder and CEO Joylynn M. Ross along with Program Director and Master Copywriter Brandy M. Miller in developing not only your vision but the copy and content needed to support it.

"I am sold! I am going to be screaming about the benefits of this program from the mountain top," said Shaniece Wise, CEO of Wise, Armstrong & Associates, LLC, a Business Strategist and Consulting Firm.

After successfully going through this week-long program, we were able to get to the heart of Shanice so that she can now get to the heart of her business and the heart of her clients, so that they can get to the heart of theirs. It's an amazing and endless ripple effect that happens once you are clear on your vision and can relay it with clear messaging across the board with your website, landing pages, social media, personal narrative, bio, brand story, etc.

If this sounds like what you need to clear the path to clarity to attract the clients who are looking for and need what you, your book, and/or your business has to offer, reply to this email with [BRANDING & MESSAGING CLARITY SESSIONS] in the subject line and let us know whether you prefer to do this program in-person or online. We'll then schedule a Zoom call to discuss your needs and assess your readiness for this intense program.

P.S. If you prefer in-person but can't come to us, we can always come to you!


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