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"10 Things to do while your book is being edited"

The editing phase, depending on the type(s) of editing you are having done as well as the number of rounds you pay each editor to do, can take anywhere from three to six months. The length (number of pages of your book) is also a factor in how long the process will take. Regardless of how short or how long this aspect of the publishing process takes, there are other things you could be (should be) doing whenever your book baby (manuscript) is being cared for by the nanny (editor). Below is a list of 10 things to do while your book is being edited.

1. Work with your book cover designer on completing the cover design

2. Secure blurbs for your back cover text as well as write your back cover text

3. Stage a major cover “reveal” event, promoting the book as being available in advance of publication date (i.e., pre-publication sales)

4. Plan the launch effort that will get you quick ten 5-star “verified purchaser” book reviews

a. Identify fans and friends who will give your book a good review, quickly

b. Arrange for those fans and friends to get an advanced copy (free), then for them to buy the book on Kindle (at the launch-price discount)

c. Ask them to immediately flip through the Kindle book (Amazon is known to check) then write and post favorable reviews

5. Plan launch party

6. Arrange for a broader effort (leveraging Facebook group memberships, your existing platform)

7. Lay plans for creating an Amazon best-seller and earning an Amazon Best-Seller virtual medallion

a. Plan to set up a one-day “blitz” sale on Amazon Kindle at a bargain price ($0.99-$2.99)

b. Plan to promote this offer to your platform and your virtual platforms – without violating those Facebook’s group’s rules on self-promotion

c. Plan to use the Amazon Best-Seller gold seal in all future promotions

d. Put the gold seal on the cover of your book and use the new image on Amazon and your web page and other platforms

e. Tie all of this into the launch of the book for maximum early impact

8. Develop your book’s website, poised and ready for when you need it – include: 

a. Blog page

b. Press room

c. About page

d. Merchandise page

e. Contact page

9. Develop your: 

a. Facebook page

b. Your own topical Facebook group

c. Your other social media platform pages or groups

***All of which should be ready to go, beginning on launch day***

10. Begin obtaining advanced-copy reviews that will be posted once the book is out on Kindle so they can be “verified purchaser” reviews 

a. Haunt these in-advance reviews for:


ii. Kudos

iii. Blurbs

iv. Other promotional goodies (useful insights that you can use to leverage your book)

***All of which will enhance sales excitement beginning on launch day***

BONUS:  Identify and begin planning a sequel to your new book or a standalone second book

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