At the "Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business" 2018 Conference in Las Vegas, you can mix business with pleasure.

"Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business"

2018 Conference

Las Vegas, NV

September 20 - 22, 2018

“Going to conferences is a wonderful way to meet experts in different fields who want to help by sharing what they know.”-IngramSpark, Book Distributor

Path To Publishing “Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business”
2018 Conference


Whether you are a reader thinking about writing a book, a writer ready to get paid for writing, a self-published author, traditionally published author, Print on Demand author (CreateSpace/IngramSpark), an author published through a vanity press/publishing assistance company, or a hybrid author (a combination of any of the above), the Path To Publishing "Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business" 2018 Conference being held September 20-22, 2018 in the STILL fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada is for you!

Regardless of if you're traditionally published, self-published or have an agent, your book is YOUR business.

Conference Host Hotel


Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, conveniently located off the main Las Vegas strip, will host the Path To Publishing “Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business” 2018 Conference. It does have complimentary shuttles to and from the strip that run every half hour. With its award-winning restaurants, adventurous zip lining experience, entertainment & shows such as the famous Penn & Teller show, slots and gaming tables, amazing night club and lounge, four swimming pools, workout facility, coffee shops, cafes, shopping boutiques, and luxurious spa, most guests won’t want to leave this exquisite home away from home, where we’ll definitely be mixing business with pleasure. But everything Rio has to offer is exactly what you’ll need to wind down after a day of intense, information-filled, rigorous learning sessions.

Who is this conference for besides authors and writers?


If you are any type of entrepreneur who should have a book, workbook, journal, planner, manual, how-to guide—some type of publication to extend your reach and help you claim your expert status—this conference is for you!

YouTubers and bloggers, isn’t’ it time you share your skills and know-how in print beyond the internet? Ready to extend your reach from the cyber world to the real world? Then this conference is definitely for you as well.

Don’t want to publish your own story but want to help publish others’? We can provide you the information, resources, and services needed to become a publisher/publishing imprint/small press.

Conference Main Instructor


The conference will be instructed by almost 20-year literary vet, Joylynn M. Ross, aka, "The Literary-Know-It-All." Given the name because Joylynn wants authors to know it all when it comes to their literary careers.
Joylynn formed her own publishing company in 2000, where she self-published her books until landing a book deal with St. Martin's Press. Almost 20 years later, Joylynn has been the content development editor for Triple Crown Publications; she was the acquisitions and developmental editor for Carl Weber’s Urban Christian imprint for 10 years; she’s agented authors who have book deals with Simon and Schuster, Kensington, and Urban Books; and Joylynn has done ghostwriting, write-behinds, and literary consulting (both freelance and for publishing houses). Her clients have included New York Times Bestselling authors, entertainers, aspiring authors, veteran authors, as well as first-time authors. Some notable literary consulting clients include actor Christian Keyes, singer Olivia Longott, and reality television star, Shereé M. Whitfield of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

In addition to instructing one-on-one and group in-person and live online courses, Joylynn is excited and eager to teach the curriculum at the 2018 Path To Publishing Conference that she claims will help authors and writers, “Get their literary life . . . or resuscitate it.”

One of Joylynn's marketing taglines is, "I guarantee that without me as your literary consultant/publishing coach (whether you are traditionally published or self-published), you will waste more money on the mistakes you make, and you will lose more money on the steps you miss than you would have spent on my invoice."  

Conference Keynote Speaker

Lila Holley will be the keynote speaker on Day 3 of the conference. Lila is a US Army Veteran and the multiple award-winning, Amazon bestselling visionary author behind the "Camouflaged Sisters" book series. Lila uses her life's experiences to dominate in her writing niche. In her books, she partners with other courageous female service members and women Veterans to share their stories of success in the military, despite facing challenges along their journey. With her projects, all 53 of her coauthors are Amazon #1 bestselling authors, and two of her books have created 25 award-winning authors.

Lila's presentation complements Day 3's general session, where we'll focus on creating multiple streams of income to sustain our book businesses. One of the topics we discuss is collaborations, partnerships, affiliate programs, and joint ventures. Since Lila's literary publications have involved most of those types of endeavors, her presentation,"The Art of Monetizing Literary Collaborations" is a well-suited addition.

Conference Presenter

Author Stephanie Bridges, founder of In Spirit Power and Truth Publishing, LLC., is attending the "Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business" 2018 Conference because she did the work to get there. She did the work by obtaining a grant to cover her registration fee.


Authors ask all the time, "How do authors get grants to write a book?" or "How do authors get grants to attend conferences?" On Day 3 of the conference, part of the instruction in the main session will focus on grants, fellowships and residencies.  And because Stephanie is proof that the steps and tasks involved will work if you work them, she's agreed to elaborate as one of the conference presenters. So if you've ever asked yourself the previous questions, Stephanie is going to provide the answers.


“Seeking & Securing Individual Artist Grants” is a presentation authors will not want to miss. Stephanie will discuss resources, or lack thereof, as a writer/artist/dreamer. She'll also share the process of grants for writers. The next time you write a book, publish a book, or attend a conference, wouldn't it be great if somebody else paid for it?

Ned Barnett head shot.jpg

Conference Keynote Speaker

A member of the Las Vegas Writers Group and Henderson Writers Group, Ned Barnett is an author whose first book was published in 1982. He's a ghostwriter who's written a dozen ghost-book projects, an ad copywriter, speech writer, a book promotion expert who's worked with dozens of authors and six publishing companies, a writing coach, as well as a former literary agent. With his experience, Ned helps business owners, consultants, private-practice professionals and others create books that boost their book of business, while helping them gain media coverage.

As a PR and marketing pro, Ned has in-depth experience helping clients capitalize on their strengths and solve their problems in the areas of media public relations (writing, pitching, strategizing), social networking, Investor Public Relations, advertising, fundraising, strategic planning and marketing fields. For over 40 years, Ned has been a journalist (magazine and trade paper editor), a PR executive and marketing consultant, a crisis manager, an investor relations consultant, and has worked in market research (especially focus groups and online research). 

Ned specializes in using skilled and focused marketing communications to solve his clients' problems. He's written ten books in his field, and for his clients, he's ghostwritten that many more. Ned has taught at three universities and has won all the major national awards, accreditations and other honors. But primarily, he's provided exceptional service to clients who expect--and receive--the very best.

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Conference Keynote Speaker

Whitney L. Barkley, M.S. is a Visual Branding Strategist and Real-Time Social Media Expert who partners with authors, coaches, professional speakers, and organizations to create a buzz-worthy presence through distinctive graphic design and live social media content. After spending nearly a decade working in marketing and communications, Whitney knows how to tap into the emotions of an audience to tell stories that compel people to action. Her natural curiosity and passion for the constant change within the visual and digital landscape allows her to master current trends and become an early adopter of new platforms and strategies to help her clients become a force to be reckoned with online. She does so through her firm, Speakerazzi.


Over the years, Whitney has led and participated in communications initiatives for organizations including the Dayton Police Department, the National Park Service, FOX19, Cincinnati Works, Education at Work, Easter Seals TriState, the Black Career Women’s Network, and the Ohio Media School. She has been featured in publications such as Mashable, WSYX ABC 6, Huffington Post, Innov8tiv Magazine, CityPulse Columbus, Ambition Magazine, Empire Life Magazine, Career Toolbox USA, and Her Agenda. Whitney has also been the recipient of numerous awards, including being one of 150 selected to attend the inaugural Project Entrepreneur Intensive in New York City, one of 52 YPs to Know in Columbus, the Ambitious List, The Power of I Am Award, and others.

Whitney holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media from Wilberforce University and has a Master of Science in Marketing and Communications from Franklin University. When she is not working with clients, you can find her hosting the Pink Lemonade Podcast or volunteering in the community. But on Friday, September 21, 2018, you'll find her at the "Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business" 2018 Conference where she'll be presenting, Jackpot! 7 Ways to Build an Online Brand You Can Bank On. How do you play the hand you are dealt? Luckily, when it comes to being an author, you hold all the cards to a memorable and authentic brand. In this interactive keynote, Whitney L.  Barkley will help attendees shuffle their deck of qualities to create a brand that can’t lose in the digital space. You will learn how to brand beyond your book and create impactful content that will allow you to be a high roller in your industry. By the end of the presentation, Whitney will reveal the seven major moves you need to put all your cards on the table, so your followers can bet on you every single time.

whitney barkley head shot.jpg

Conference Presenter

Using a selfie as your professional head shot is like using Facebook as your website. Professional photographer, Aleatheia Mason with J & A Photography, is going to help authors get over their selfie. As a professional photographer of seven years, Aleatheia doesn't just capture your image, she captures you. She captures who you are, your message, and what you stand for. She believe we all have a story or message to convey, and what she delivers is an extension of that story . . . that message. 

Selfies are enjoyable because they are spontaneous photos that allows a person to capture themselves, usually in what they deem as “their moment.” A moment when they are feeling their best (or themselves 😉), doing their best, or simply looking their best. Although fun and entertaining, selfies are just that . . . for yourself. Yes, it’s totally acceptable to share selfies on social media, but totally unacceptable to use them to replace the professional head shot. Neither do selfies make for attractive and professional looking flyers, social media banners, business cards, other promotional material or the likes. Authors are storytellers, so their images should tell a story as well. Aleatheia's presentation, "Get Over Your Selfie," is going to offer attendees an abundance of photo tricks and tips.

Lamar head shot.jpg

Conference Presenter

Lamar E. Cromwell is a native of and entrepreneur in Columbus, Ohio.  After serving time in the military as a Federal Agent, Mr. Cromwell returned to Columbus and launched his own business, LEC Concierge.  Mr. Cromwell is passionate about improving his community and helping others accomplish positive things.

Mr. Cromwell has joined forces with other entrepreneurs in Columbus and provided school supplies, winter coats, and accessories to local school children.  Additionally, Mr. Cromwell donates his time and efforts with multiple community organizations and causes in Columbus.  As a counterintelligence and anti-terrorism officer in the military, Mr. Cromwell served his country in Iraq and a number of other countries while in the military.

Mr. Cromwell is an avid traveler and rarely passes up a chance to hop on a plane, train, boat or automobile, especially if it means he gets to serve his clients as well. With that being said, Mr. Cromwell is most excited to hop on a plane to Las Vegas, Nevada this September where LEC Concierge will be onsite to make the “Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business” 2018 Conference epic!

Conference Mistress of Ceremonies

Monique Chandler, a multi-tasked marketing professional with more than 20 years’ experience, is a sought-after inspirational speaker, author and successful Public Relations manager. Monique is an  International Distinguished Toastmasters who holds an MBA in Business Marketing, and has recently retired after quickly working her way up the corporate ranks to the executive level. Monique possesses a unique blend of contagious, high-volume, motivational energy, and a sincere heart for helping others reach their pinnacle. She travels throughout the country hosting  inspirational seminars for women’s retreats, college campuses, athletic centers, inner-city youth centers, and churches. The crux of her message is that individuals can and should make the most out of whatever resources they are given in life. She is the author of Ultimate NRG Women’s Motivational Journal and Reconnecting with Your Happy. Ms. Chandler travels throughout the United States to inspire others to “take charge of their day,” and “explore the paths less traveled.” 

Monique Chandler.jpg

What information is being provided?


Day One: Building Your Book From the Ground Up (step-by step instruction of the self-publishing process)

Day Two: Building Your Literary Business from the Ground Up (teaching authors and writers how they should be operating as a business)

Day Three: Turning Your Book Into a Business (teaching writers/authors how to earn money beyond book sales by creating multiple streams of income).

An author's book is the vehicle they put on the road for their literary journey. On Day One of the conference, we help you build your dream car.

What will I learn at this conference?








Day One of the conference is step-by-step instruction on how to self-publish without missing a beat! Even if you have already self-published before, we can guarantee that there is a step or two (or even a few) you missed along the process. Don't you want to go back and get it right? After all, when we know better, we do better. Come learn exactly what you need to do better.

If there was a pothole on your path to publishing you were stuck in, delaying you from reaching your literary goals, wouldn't you want the resources necessary to fill-in that pothole and get your vehicle (book) back on the road toward literary success? If so, then Day One of the conference is a must for you.
Day One will cover all five aspects of self-publishing:

Writing your book can be a passion, hobby, even a ministry, but selling the book is a business.
Day Two of the conference's instruction will be all about building your literary business. Even if you haven't built your book yet, knowing what is required of you as an author/publisher is not something that you want to take lightly. The last thing you want to do is spend time, money, and energy building your dream book and literary business, only for Uncle Sam to come along and not only crush your business, but crush your dreams as well.

On Day Two you will learn about:
-Incorporating (or “doing business as”)
-Naming your book business/publishing imprint
-Separating business from personal
-Tracking income/expenses
Businesses don't make money, people do. As an author/writer, it's your job to earn the money to sustain your literary business and keep it thriving.

Day Three is for any serious author or writer who is ready to take their literary business/career to the next level. If you're ready to generate multiple streams of income as an author/writer to keep your business thriving, then you definitely don’t want to miss this session.

On Day Three you will learn:
-How to turn your book/writing into a business
-How to make money beyond book sales
-How to get other people to pay for your business endeavors
-How to secure paid writing gigs
-How to get grants and sponsors
-Professional titles you wear besides “author/writer”
-How to increase book sales without directly selling books
-How to make money from content you write outside of books
-How to make money while you sleep
-How to make money while spending time with family and friends
-How to make money on YouTube