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We are looking forward to seeing you at our Spring Forward into Abundance Retreat Thursday, April 27, 2023 - Sunday, April 30, 2023. It will be taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lodging accommodations are included in the cost of the package. (Package does not include transportation, flight, luggage fees, etc.) We're starting off the retreat on Thursday night with an exercise that makes us take out the garbage of trash talk that we say to ourselves, burning it and roasting marshmallows over it. And for our final exercise of the evening, we'll throw on our pajamas and enjoy pizza while we treat ourselves to some "Pillow Talk" that is going to make you change the conversation you have with yourself about yourself. On Friday, we'll be looking at what's really holding us back from moving forward in abundance, taking control of the things we can, letting go of what we can't, and ending the session with an intimate dinner with self-love! On Saturday, we'll examine all the ways that we give away our power and how we can begin to reclaim that power as we work together to identify the dreams we hold, the steps we can take to make those dreams a reality, and how we can collaborate for greater success. On Sunday, we'll identify ONE thing we can do to take a giant step forward toward achieving our goals, gain recognition for our efforts over the weekend, and finish with an ABUNDANTLY Delicious Brunch to power us on our way to living life with abundance.


The $500 non-refundable deposit holds your spot on this $5,000 luxury retreat that includes (or you may make a one-time payment of $4500, and save $500.

- a consultation with a professional stylist and a personalized wardrobe capsule for you to enjoy as part of one of the retreat events and exercises

- a hair and makeup styling session as part of one of the retreat events and exercises

- a professional photographer to help you capture a vision of the best version of you as part of one of the retreat events


- two weeks of follow-up accountability sessions to help keep you on track and making progress toward your goals and dreams


If you're ready to treat yourself to an experience where the possibilities are endless and the tools you need to build your dreams are at your disposal, simply pay the $500 non-refundable deposit and let us help you spring forward into abundance!

Pay in Full (save $500) Spring Forward into Abundance - $4500

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