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Complete the $100 application processing fee, and be on your way to partnering with a literary empire, as well as building your own!


Path To Publishing Professional Publishing Instructor Certification Program: Officially recognizes you as possessing the skills, talent, gift, tools, resources, information, tips, strategies, validation, knowledge, and qualifications to meet the standards of a Path To Publishing Literary Educator and Course Instructor. The program certifies and licenses you to teach and consult (paid or unpaid) using the Path To Publishing curriculum and framework. 


Path To Publishing Literary Consulting Verification Program: Verifies you have completed the minimum and necessary curriculum to receive a Path To Publishing Literary Consulting Verification certificate. Limits you to literary consulting work utilizing the information you have learned from Path To Publishing courses and literary consulting services. It does not certify you as an instructor, nor permit you to teach workshops, seminars, courses, conferences, or any of the likes using any portions of the Path To Publishing curriculum (whether paid or unpaid).

Application Fee for the Instructor Certification Program

  • There is no return or refund on Path To Publishing services, events, physical products, certification and verification, training programs, or digital products. Exchanges can be made for damaged books and merchandise.

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