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Abundance is your birthright! If it isn't currently flowing to you the way in which you desire and know it should be, it's not because you weren't meant to have it. It's because something is blocking you from all that you were intended to receive. Whether that blockage is showing up in the area of your creativity, finances, relationships, or business, the Breaking Open Abundance program will help you figure out where the blockage is and take you through a 16-week journey that will get you growing in the right directions to achieve your dreams.


The cost of the program, in which you will receive 16 weeks of one-on-one work and guidance that will equip and empower you with the tools, systems and strategies to break through anything blocking the path to your life of abundance, is only $750 per month. This program will address all areas of your life. So, get ready to live the life of abundance you envision and deserve.


Breaking Open Abundance Program - $750 Monthly

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